A Complete Guide To Outsourcing Your Inbound & Outbound Customer Support To A Top Call Center In India

Having begun over two decades ago, contact center outsourcing has become one of the most profitable and fastest-growing industries globally. The industry has experienced a number of challenges along the way, including increasing security concerns, fluctuating client demands and constantly-changing customer expectations, low employee engagement and increased attrition, ever-evolving industry trends, and much more. Despite these challenges, however, the industry has continued to survive and thrive, delivering superior customer support operations to businesses across industry verticals. Moreover, contact center solutions have also greatly evolved to deliver superior customer experiences and improve customer relationships with brands significantly. This is precisely the reason why businesses still prefer to engage a top call center in India or other global locations over setting up in-house customer support operations.

When to consider outsourcing customer support operations to a top call center in India or other global locations?

Customer support outsourcing to a professional contact center company does have plenty of benefits to offer to your business. Does that, however, mean that you need to outsource your customer support operations right after you set up your business? If not, then when is the best time for your business to outsource customer engagements to a third-party service provider? Well, there is no set answer to these questions, as the ideal timing to outsource varies from one business to another. Some companies outsource their customer support to a BPO company offering outbound and inbound call center services in India soon after setting up their business. On the other hand, others wait for their business to scale before deciding to outsource to a third-party service provider.

Hence, there is no “good” time to engage the professional services of a contact center company for your customer engagements. On the contrary, you should put more emphasis on engaging the right BPO company for your business needs and requirements. This will enable you to maximize the contact center solutions offered to you by the BPO company and improve outcomes. The contact center solutions you obtain from the BPO company in India must complement your business’s operations and core values. At the same time, you must also switch from in-house operations to customer support outsourcing when your customer engagement responsibilities are hampering other, more important, revenue-generating activities. Another reason that might tell you that it is time to engage in customer support outsourcing to a top call center in India is when your operational expenses start to get out of hand.

Why should you outsource customer service to BPO companies that specialize in outbound & inbound call center services in India?

Some of the most important reasons to engage in professionals contact center outsourcing in India include the following:

  • Meet SLA (Service Level Agreement) consistently

Every company promises to deliver the best products and services to its customers – before, during, and after the sale. However, companies often fail to fulfill their Service Level Agreement (SLA), primarily due to poor customer engagement practices. Their customer support operations fail mostly due to one of two reasons – the lack of appropriate infrastructure or the lack of adequate skill and expertise in delivering effective customer services. As a result, businesses fail to meet SLA and end up losing the trust of their customers, who then switch over to competing brands in search of expected after-sale services.

Engaging a top call center in India can easily help businesses resolve this issue and arrest customer attrition numbers. Contact centers measure the quality of customer service deliveries using key performance metrics such as First Contact Resolution (FCR), Average Handling Time (AHT), average response times, call waiting time, Next Call Avoidance (NCA), etc. These metrics help businesses ensure that the quality of their customer service deliveries matches the SLA and customer expectations. In addition, it also helps contact centers identify the cause of SLA failures and address the root causes to ensure consistency in the quality of customer support deliveries. Eventually, this will ensure that customer service deliveries remain consistent and according to the SLA.

  • Manage unusual spikes in incoming customer communications

Your customer support operations can get particularly busy during some months of the year while remaining normal during the other months. These unusual fluctuations in the volume of incoming customer communications can make it quite challenging to ensure effective resource management and deliver efficient outcomes. Not having an adequate number of customer support representatives would lead to high call abandonment rates. On the other hand, hiring the required CSRs would help you counter the spikes in customer communications volume but would also mean that you have a surplus of resources without adequate work for them. This is another reason to hire professional outbound and inbound call center services in India for your customer support operations.

The contact center company will handle these unusual spikes in customer communication volumes by scaling the number of agents dedicated to your customer support operations. Using AI-enabled predictive analysis, contact centers can determine expected call volumes in the near future and prepare accordingly. They dedicate increased resources to the task of customer service and ensure that no calls are hampered due to the lack of proper resources. This also helps to reduce the response times and AHT for customer interactions. In addition, predictive analysis can also help businesses identify modern and industry trends to give customers satisfactory experiences.


Moreover, outsourcing your customer support operations to a top call center in India will also help you save a ton of money while simultaneously boosting outcomes. You will be able to save all the money necessary for setting up the latest infrastructure necessary to deliver satisfactory customer services. At the same time, the lack of added responsibilities will help you focus more on core business functions and increase productivity. Eventually, improved outcomes and reduced operating expenses will help you maximize your customer support operations to boost profitability for your business.

Your customers have expectations from your brand, and it is your responsibility to fulfill their expectations and then some. Outsourcing your customer service can completely transform your business operations and help you enjoy a massive appeal in the marketplace. Hence, engaging a top call center in India can be quite beneficial to your business.

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