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Health and Fitness

A Brief Guide to 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

Knowing what you will get to learn in a yoga course could be a turning point of your yoga journey. Hence, you should know about the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus if you want to join the course. This is going to help you plan your course accordingly. Moreover, you get plenty of time to make up your mind to join the course.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

With that said, let’s have a deeper insight into the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus. Read on.

Yoga Alignment & Adjustment

As a beginner, a 200 hour YTT course teaches you various techniques to practice yoga asanas most conveniently. You learn to adjust your body so that you can practice different asanas without incurring any injury. It further helps you to have a perfect form to practice yoga poses. In short, the 200 RYT course syllabus includes techniques that you can use to manipulate your body easily.

Human Body Anatomy

Along with manipulating your movements, having knowledge of how to shift your body helps you practice yoga effectively. You learn about how your body works, what does it consist of, and what is its limitation. Therefore, you move your limbs keeping all this information in mind. It saves your body from falling a victim to any injury. Hence, you practice yoga without any hassle.

Diverse Yoga Forms

200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus includes diverse yoga forms. A few examples could be Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga, and many more. Hence, you gain knowledge in different yoga forms that enhances your overall yoga knowledge. Further, when you become 200 RYT, you can master any one form as per your needs.

Mantra Chanting

One of the most effective yogic techniques is mantra chanting. It constitutes a major part of the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus. When you practice mantra chanting, you learn to be aware of the present moment. You won’t get lost in mental chaos. Rather, you use vibrations coming out from mantra chanting to become mindful of the present moment.

Meditation Practice

Yoga practice seems incomplete without meditation practice. So, the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus covers a wide range of meditation practices. You become acquainted with these meditation practices to choose the one perfect for you. It helps you to calm your senses and have a strong connection with your mind.


Breathing is the essence of living. The moment breathing stops, you leave this world. 200 hour YTT syllabus covers different techniques to breathe. You learn how to fill your body with breathing so that you stay energetic throughout your course. Also, practicing different Pranayama techniques help you become aware of your spiritual being.


If you want to get the most out of your yoga practice, you should know how to detox your body. Every day, you go through various scenarios that fill your mind and body with negative and positive emotions & feelings. So, it is important to get rid of all such emotions that could put a barrier to your growth. That is where the art of Shatkarmas comes into play. It helps you detoxify your entire being most easily.

Teaching Methodology

Learning yoga is not enough. You should also know how to teach someone who wants to learn from you. That is where the art of teaching methodology comes into action. It ensures you know how to handle a yoga class full of yoga learners. Moreover, such techniques improve your overall confidence in life.

Yoga Nidra Practice

The art of conscious sleeping comes under Yoga Nidra practice. It teaches you how to be conscious of the sleep that gives you access to your unconscious. Further, practicing Yoga Nidra releases stress and anxiety from your mind that helps you relax the most.

Yoga Philosophy

Philosophy is the art of interpreting meaning out of yoga practice that you can implement in your life. Thus, it helps you relate to different scenarios in life and keeps you motivated. Moreover, yoga philosophy helps you find meaning in life.


The above is a brief glimpse of the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus that helps you know how will your yogic journey unfold. Hence, you can plan as per your schedule to have the best yoga experience.

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