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8 indispensable features of Cheap Windows hosting

Opting for a Windows server to host the site is common among people thanks to its ease of use and similarity with the PC Windows. That being said, to do so, you must go through the Windows plans and decide which one to go with. However, first, you must know what essential features of Cheap Windows hosting are. That’s how you are sure to quickly decide on the hosting provider and find the best Windows hosting plans.

Let’s get started!

Almost everyone is aware that you get hosting resources like RAM, CPU core, disk storage, bandwidth, etc. Whether the features are from defined quantity to unlimited all depend on the provider hosting company. In fact, these assets are the core of the hosting plans. So we are not going to discuss them again. Instead, we have listed the other necessary tiers of the plan.

Windows OS 

The most obvious feature is the availability of the Windows operating system on the server (that’s what make it the windows hosting). The OS is very easy to use and learn. Also, it aids to integrate the Microsoft applications, including Access, MS SQL, and so forth, on the server.


Setting up the server means setting up an account for you. You will mostly see ‘no setup fee’ on various hosting plans. But not on all vendors as they charge a defined amount for setup specified in the features of Cheap Windows hosting. It is an additional fee that can include account setting, specific installations, and so forth. In short, it is to personalize the server for you. Also, it can be discounted or come as free depending on the monthly, yearly, and more than one-year billing cycles.

Full similarity – One of the most well-known explanations behind searching for Windows facilitating is that you want great programming similarity with your business frameworks.

Support for NET technology, etc.

The plans should have extensive compatibility with the desired technologies, for instance, the NET, ASP.NET, and more. Secondly, the required support can extend to CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla,

Control Panel 

Plesk as a whole has become the commanding control panel in the Windows hosting market. However, there are others too that users widely use. The list includes ZPanel, H-Sphere, SolidCP, Website Panel, vDeck, Hosting Controller, MSP Control, Web Controller. Moreover, many hosting vendors have custom-made control panels.

All in all, a control panel is a must with the Cheap Windows hosting plans whether you are a simple user. Or associated with server management or have a reseller hosting business.

One-click Installation 

The different websites have different requirements concerning the programs, platforms, applications, and more. Therefore, in order to optimize the hosting environment per the user, users call for various installations. So availability of the one-click installer of CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce and various plugins and apps.


Next comes the specified security in the features of Cheap Windows hosting. Security cannot be neglected at all, whether at the server level or website related. Hosts practice different measures to secure the server and the website. So it can be either one or all offered (but not limited to)

  • SSL certificate
  • SiteLock Security
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • DDoS Protection
  • Security Firewalls
  • Security packs and patches
  • Malicious traffic and script scanning
  • Malware scanning, detection, and removal
  • Outbound email protection

Also, you might be paying extra with the plan, or the cost has been balanced in the plan.

Solid security – Windows servers aren’t quite so secure as Linux out of the case, so you want a host that offers undeniable level security (regardless of whether it costs more).

Managed Services

Many people don’t have enough knowledge concerning the backend of the website. Also, many don’t have time, so managed services, Windows or Linux, regardless of the server type, become inevitable.

Therefore, unmanaged and managed Windows hosting available for the customers seem indispensable. Subsequently, it’s the user’s choice if he wants to opt for unmanaged or managed services.

Stable waiters – A decent uptime history and an uptime ensure are significant – you don’t need a modest host that has extensive stretches of vacation.

Website Migration

Many people go for website migrations in order to upgrade and change the hosting plans. Others also to get rid of the current host whether for poor quality, customer support, limited resources, downtimes or whatever issues. So website migration is one of the much-needed features of Cheap Windows hosting services.

Many hosts offer it for free while some have minimal charges for it, and the experts at the company handle the technicalities.

Navicosoft has reliable cheap Windows hosting plans to let your brand come online on the internet. The prominent part is the plans come with a free Domain Name, free backups, and 24/7 expert support is a bonus. In addition, the hosting has a three-day free trial to let you test the quality.

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