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8 Hair Trends of 2022

What will surprise us in 2022, when, it would seem, we have already seen everything? Stylists have prepared many interesting options for the image to sparkle with new colors. See what fashionable women’s haircuts are worth trying on in 2022 for your length, whatever it may be.

Women’s 2022 haircuts are inspired by retro vibes, experimentation with cuts and bulk, and the natural beauty of hair. Feel free to emphasize with the help of a hairstyle the natural texture or go against fate and choose the most unnatural and futuristic images: for example, with an even cut season in the form of an exaggeratedly neat hat.

A separate trend in fashion is bangs. Hairstyles 2022 and women’s trends offer us retro bangs, curtains, a return to voluminous and torn options, as well as an Asian hit – Korean bangs. So there are haircuts for women and types of hair services in 2022 which are so demanded

Almost all short haircuts for women in 2022 are trendy, but some of them are already hitting hits. Which?

Dramatic layers 

A little grunge, torn strands, abrupt transitions, layers – and voila! The trendy hairstyles of 2022 are ready. Taking inspiration from rock stars and the eighties. Moreover, such a haircut is relevant specifically for straight hair.


 All kinds of bob are in fashion – textured, classic, bob-bob, layered bob with blunt ends and with a sharp cut in the style of the 90s.


The trendy haircuts of 2022 suggest different feminine pixie variations. One of the most relevant – with a torn edging.

Curls with a strong curl at the peak of popularity. Hairstyles of 2022 put a serious emphasis on natural curls and suggest wearing them with a huge hair cap. Of course, in the company of curly bangs – this combination is the main rule of good taste for the next couple of years.

The fashionable haircut of 2022, like the classic women’s haircut of past years, suggests that the average length should be combined with volume at the roots, beautiful well-groomed curls and a healthy shine. All trendy hairstyles are designed to emphasize natural texture in the first place.

Forehead – long bob

The elongated bob tops the top of the trendy hairstyles. The forehead is very popular with celebrities and bloggers. Such stylish haircuts-2022 emphasize voluminous female curls, add pomp and airiness, and most importantly, they can be styled in different ways.


How is Billie Eilish? Why not! Get inspired by retro looks and create trendy haircuts for women in 2022 with transitions and layers. The cascade has returned abruptly to fashion at this length, also in such a daring format – without the usual smooth lines.

This year, ultra-trendy long hair cuts offer many original options. See the most current women’s haircuts of 2022 for long hair from those seven that exist in nature.

Ladder with feathers

The most fashionable haircuts of 2022 could not refuse the ladder, but in a slightly modified version: the main nuance is the spectacular feather strands framing the face. This hairstyle is in good harmony with painting in the techniques of ombre, balayage and highlights.


The 2022 women’s haircuts are reviving old fashion trends, and among them the aurora haircut on long hair has been seen. This is a great option for brunettes and brown-haired women, as well as girls with creative coloring.

Elongated shag

Beautiful and trendy haircuts, especially with bangs, are possible on the basis of shags. The hairstyle is done below the shoulders, but it looks very light, airy and, which is especially pleasant, is suitable for those who do not really like to waste time styling. Hair, of course, should be at least slightly curly.


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