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8 cost-effective minimalist living room decorating tips

Minimalist living room decoration is always the best way for small apartments. Because the living room is always a necessary space for a house to both receive guests and entertain as well as relax. If you bring too many things to decorate the living room, sure, it will become cramped. Sometimes, by just arranging and decorating the living room, in a minimalist style, you can both save money and time and have a neat and lively guest room. Here are some minimalist, thrifty ideas for you.

1. Decorating the living room with spray paint

Decorating the living room by making use of old objects is the best way to maintain a minimalist lifestyle, just a DIY kit is enough for you to be creative, renovate your favorite items, Make the living room more lively.

Refresh the kitchen cabinets with vintage paint and you can store photo books and items in the living room.

Transform old desks with new paint, add a little rope and secure with screws, and you have a desk in a corner of the living room of the small apartment.

Go around the house, find and “borrow” items in other rooms, unfinished items in the closet, antiques in stock and feel their vitality again. Buy a home painting kit to get creative and keep your home organized.

2. Living room decoration with green plants

Decorating the living room with green plants not only helps to add vitality to a modest apartment, but some green plants also help filter the air, remove toxic gases and create scents for the apartment.

Like the tiger tongue tree, it helps to filter the air and toxic gases from the kitchen or the hidden corners of the long-standing air.

While, the dust of discharge, rose-mary, mint, or basil is always an appropriate suggestion to create a natural scent for the living room. 

Discover these that are both lively room decorations and great air purifiers.

3. Decorate simply with bookshelves

Decorating the living room with bookshelves is the simplest way to prevent small apartment space. The books, photo albums, music tapes… always bring beauty inside and outside.

Books and CDs are the most valuable things but the cheapest, so take them out of the closet or bedroom and place them right in the living room with impressive bookshelves.

You can place bookshelves high up to fit in spaces that are no longer usable.

4. Decorate simply with a dreamcatcher

Decorating your living room with souvenirs from your travels, or memorabilia you’ve received from family and friends, is always a fun way to bring your living room to life. Or you can refer to the DIY dreamcatcher for the living room.

It’s not a big deal or difficult, search online for phrases like how to make a dreamcatcher, thousands of dreamcatcher ideas or different designs are waiting for you to discover, you’ve got all your gear for the living room.

Besides the mental benefits that you get from making something with your own hands, handmade items are a way to decorate the living room that has never been expensive but very meaningful!

5. Decorate the living room with wallpaper

This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways you can change up your living room. It will instantly change your mood, look fresh, and can leave you with many happy memories.

Choose wallpaper with patterns and contrasting colors between the living room and the kitchen as well as contrasting the lights to make your apartment feel larger.

Decorating the living room with wall paintings or wallpapers is both cost-effective and helps the walls to be less dry.

6. Change the position of the living room decoration sofa regularly

Do not be afraid to change the sofa as well as the items in the living room. Every 3 months or whenever you feel the need to refresh this space. According to the principle of feng shui, change the items in the house every year, helping homeowners adapt to the stars in that year as well as circulate air in the house.

The cheapest and easiest way to always feel new without spending a dime is to change the position of your living room furniture, get used to a different part of the space by changing the position of your decorative furniture.

Put your desk in a different position, or point your sofa, potted plants, and more for a while, then keep repeating the changes.

7. Living room decoration with collections

After answering questions to sort out what to throw away and what to keep, old objects decorate the living room. In addition, put meaningful items, important souvenirs in the center of the room.

Practice how to arrange them in the most reasonable way and leave out excess items, the easiest and simplest way is to spread around the room according to your vision when you first enter the room.

Note, you should not choose too many items to decorate if you want the room to be minimalist. Use the foyer furniture and minimize the use of interior decoration in the living room, towards minimalism and partly cost-saving.

8. Versatile clothes hanger to make the living room decoration simpler

Clothes hangers help you take advantage of empty corners in the living room, doors into living room decorations combined with storing items you use often and always tidy such as sports equipment, clothes, bags, hats …

Whether the shoes you currently have or some old shirts can be created into a collection and arranged with a hanging tree to decorate it.

Updating the creative storage furniture for the living room decoration is a way to maintain a simple and modern lifestyle.

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