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8 Beautiful Vintage Mid-Century Living Room Designs

The mid-century modern style is back to the scene of interior designs. It is characterize by high effectiveness, organic forms and minimal decoration.

This blog will guide you through some ideas that can create you a beautiful vintage mid-century living room.

Bold Wallpapers

Adding wallpapers with vivid colors, geometric patterns and complex motifs to your furniture or walls gives a strong mid-century impression to your living room design. You can use wallpapers in primary colors with irregular patterns or implement geometric patterns in shades of green, gray and brown if you have a living room with earthly colors.

designs 1

Also, take a look at these simple wallpapers placed on the walls and curtains designed by Outlook Design LTD with square geometric patterns that gave this living room a strong mid-century identity.

Tapered Legged Furniture

Outwardly angled Furniture legs that are tapered toward the floor are characteristic of modern-century designs. They are used on chairs, tables, sofas and almost every furniture piece. Mixing them with larger furniture pieces gives them a weightless and stylish appearance.

However, these pair is a perfect example of tapered legged chairs and was designed in 1958 by Bovirke, Denmark.

Accent Chair

If you want to add a piece of furniture that is inspired by the mid-century era you must incorporate an Accent Chair.

This chair traces its roots back to the lounge chair, one of the most luxurious pieces of the mid-century interior design.

This piece completes the decor by drawing out a particular color or adding contrast to impact a monotone room.

Designed by Woodpie LTD these Accent Chairs are eye catching due to their designs.

One can choose between different colors and materials in order to be suitable for one’s living room.

designs 2

Natural Wood Elements

Mid-Century furniture is often made using real wood which gives it durability and beauty.

If the quality of wood permits, try not to paint it in order to preserve its natural beauty.

designs 3

However, these Wood-made coffee table and TV stand made by Live with Wood are perfect examples of the beauty that wood can give to a living room.

Leather Covering

The best combination that is good with wood is Leather. In fact Leather is a luxurious element use throughout mid-century furnishing.

Leather is widely available in many colors and types perfectly designed to suit any living room.

Also, This chair made by Gibsons Home Furnishing is a proof of how much do Leather and Wood perfectly suit each other.

Arc Lamps

These arched floor lamps make them a perfect fit for positioning over an armchair or a sofa. It adds curvature to your room and provides light at the same time.

Many designs are available depending on your choice toward complexity or simplicity.

Similarly, this room designed by Flux Modern Warehouse; proves that Arc lamps are a great fit for mid-century living rooms.

Green life

Adding potted plants to living rooms was something important to Mid-Century designers. For instance, Plants preserve the air freshness inside and add a beautiful green effect to the room.

This design by Morrisons Home Living highlights the importance of having potted plants in living rooms; that can suite with the furniture’s color as this picture shows in order to add freshness and mid-century signature.

Open space

An important rule for Mid-Century Designs is keeping the living rooms naturally illuminated as possible. This is by having large windows and a lot of open space in order to permit breathing and movement.

This example by Brabbu Design Forces shows the magnificence of mid-century Design by mixing big windows; large open space, a gorgeous furniture and a pendant light.

This was all that I had to say in regards to designing a mid-century modern living room. Use these tips, your imagination and personal taste to help your interior designer provide a beautiful living room.


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