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Accurate shooting with or without strong support is very convenient. Most deer hunters go to the gun station at the end of the summer, fire a few shots to make sure the weapon is visible, make some changes or not, and put the gun back in their pocket at the start of the deer season. This is hardly a practice. This is why a treestand needs to have adjustable and stable support. The solution is an adjustable weapon holder. The lightweight aluminium frame is durable and the padded stand makes it easy to take pictures, even if your heart is crying with fever! 


Make your playground as big as you need by adding adjustable back straps. This pair of camouflage back straps fit all tops and has a quick release buckle that is easy to use in the field.


Deer hunters bring many tools to a field. Some should be opened right away, some should be hidden until you need them from top to bottom. Deluxe front pockets offer many storage options. For example, you can keep your drawers in your pocket so that it is always on your base. Or, if you’re on a shelf, you can store hunting boxes and indicators in an easily accessible bag. Storage Bags keep you organized and keep you thinking about the game.


The longer you can sit in the stands, the more likely you are to kill an adult male, especially on the way. Comfort plays a big part in how long you can sit down. Seating Around the is the next level of comfort. The snug chair has padded sides that are comfortable but also keep the cold wind out. The round seat has three-step pockets, zippered buckles for easy assembly/disassembly and is suitable for all top treestands and ladders.


Do not go overboard with these coated accessories. The bare metal cools in winter but hit it with a gun or bow and you have one of the least natural sounds in the forest. The easy-to-install zippered upper sections feature quiet hinges, and their padded design eliminates metal-to-metal noise, giving you a warm, comfortable place to support your hands during those long sitting hours. You can connect them to most of the commercially available peak treestands and devices.


Stay safe and calm in your playground with High Pull Stripes. These self-adhesive strips provide a non-slip surface for the subfloor. With a peeled design, they are easy to install and fit in any best tree stand.


The footrest is designed for Titan and 180 Max wooden feet on a large platform. This easy-to-install accessory helps reduce leg and back pain while sitting on long paths. The foldable design keeps it away even when climbing. Footwear is also available for Viper, Mini-Viper, Razor and Cobra treestands.

Most archers practise a lot during the hunting season, and for good reason. Accurate archery requires a lot of muscle memory and does not take long to complete your training. But when hunting in the dark or on a wooden base, you practice hunting. Here are some tips to prepare you for the fall.

Curtain shot

Curtains take some time to get used to shooting. So take your time to make sure you shoot blindly. When you draw the archery tent, wear clothes similar to the one you intend to hunt. When the season starts, wear light clothing. If it’s cold at the end of the season, practice heavier clothing. It will affect your team and your shots.

You’re probably shooting from sitting in the blinds, so make sure you’re using the same spot you need for your blind. Also, when shooting with a traditional bow, make sure you can manoeuvre the bow within the rigid frame of the tent. You may need to move to a different place or practice with your knees to release the scarf.

Catch a bush

When shooting from a wooden treestand, you will practice different styles that you can hunt. For example, many playground equipment has sliding rails that can be an obstacle if you do not pull them. If you are practising with the same treestand you want to follow, this will tell you where to place the top and bottom shots so that the bottom camera does not hit the rail during adjacent shots. Remember: when shooting from a wooden base, it is best to bend the waist. The more frequent shot will only encourage looking at the target and allow you to hit the climbing pole. Relying on the waist keeps you fit and solves this problem.


Archery in heavy, cold clothing can be difficult. If the cable is attached to the sleeve, your shot is not real. Make sure the strap is releasing the sleeve. Otherwise, use hand protection. Be sure to wear your seatbelt and shoot at the height you plan to hunt. We often train at low altitudes and a 10 yard shot with a 20-foot base changes the angle and it is hard to know where you will stand to get the perfect shot.

We can often shoot well on the ground over long distances, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to add altitude and wind and shoot longer distances. Know the maximum effective distance you can keep all your shots within a radius and no distance outside that distance. You owe it to yourself for the game you hunt.

Practice with big ones

Make sure you train with your width. Choose a large one as a training one. They are often a little different from your visits. It is usually fixed with very little adjustment depending on wind height or strength.

Evaluate the practice of the garden

It is also a good time to practice court rulings. Ask a friend to set goals in different places and rate the scale without danger. Take the first shot and see where it hits. If your shot wasn’t good, use the range tracker to take a distance and see how long you were. Sometimes we don’t have time to achieve a landmark or beast, so this exercise will make you more efficient and confident.

Your success is sure to increase if you practice your best before the season and as often as possible during the season.

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