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7 Reasons To Host Virtual Town Hall Meetings

When we talk about getting everyone in the company together at a time, the purpose is to familiarize them with the company’s latest advancements, missed occasions, big victories, and other notable updates, correct?

To accomplish this, virtual town hall meetings are an excellent option to get the entire team or organization under the same virtual roof.

Sounds interesting right? Now, let’s understand the top 7 reasons why you should host online town hall meetings;

Makes Event Planning More Convenient

The aspects of virtual town hall meetings are way different from their physical counterparts. Online meetings happen over the Internet using a secure platform. Not all corporate offices have the needed expertise in conducting online events for their shareholders and employees.
In this situation, they require some event management supervision and guidance to host and organize a successful virtual town hall meeting. However, with proper planning, they can readily conduct successful and engaging meetings.

The best virtual meeting technology will make event planning way easier with all the necessary event implementation features. For employees, managers, and other participants attending an online town hall meeting is very easy. They do not need to travel or mark their presence at any physical venue. Everything happens virtually, right from registrations, sign-ups, sessions, to feedback. Hence, event planners can save ample time and invest the same in adding more value to the virtual meeting.

Virtual venues allow the attendees to join the meeting online from any remote location using any device like laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. All they need to have is a reliable Internet connection, a compatible system, and the credentials to log in to the event.

Wider Global Reach

It is becoming quite common and advantageous for businesses to promote a virtual workplace. There’s a constant growth in remote employees and the number of organizations operating across the world. Hence, this is why it is more important to interact and engage with everyone in the organization via virtual town hall meetings.

Virtual event platforms have made our job quite easy and convenient.
The virtual venue uses excellent digital tools and features that can accommodate several attendees from different remote locations.

With no geographical barrier, virtual meeting platforms can broadcast organization events on a large scale to boost the brand value and deliver memorable experiences to your attendees.

Significant Cost Savings

Virtual town hall meetings are an excellent way to preserve different expenses, time, and energy. The expense of traveling, renting a physical venue, arranging accommodation, food, and drinks get completely abolished. Virtual meetings only require a minor registration fee which is way less than the costs involved in an in-person event.

Online meetings have numerous advantages as compared to on-site meetings. They need less time and funds for advertisement and promotional strategies as compared to their physical counterparts. Enrollment and virtual check-in occur hastily, unlike in-person town hall meetings.
At online town hall meetings, event planners can concentrate moderately on making their event a lot more value-yielding and relevant.

Better Attendee Engagement Opportunities

Enhancing engagement between your virtual employees is simple and easy when you conduct your town halls meetings online.

The ability to plan live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions helps promote interaction and engagement at online meetings. Picking an all-in-one virtual meeting platform that includes virtual networking tables to make way for 1:1 and group discussions. Virtual networking tables incorporate live chat, video, and audio features to promote real-time interactions.

Creating compelling content and getting noteworthy speakers or department heads on board is an excellent way to keep the employees involved and hooked throughout the meeting.
There are some other features like a social wall, signature wall, or photo booths that can offer exceptional and memorable experiences to the attendees. A social wall allows the employees to write their fond memory and the photo booths enable them to take multiple photos which they can post on social media channels. It helps increase the social presence of the organization and expand its reach to a wider audience.

Availability of On-demand Content

An ideal virtual meeting software will enable you to produce on-demand content that can be accessed by the attendees post the event. You can record each session and add a link to them or include the clips on the virtual platform for your attendees to watch at their convenient time.

The on-demand content can also be used as a promotional strategy to market your upcoming events.

Keeping on-demand functionality lets the attendees have a glimpse of the missed sessions that they were unable to attend while it was happening live.

Access to Detailed Analytics

One of the notable advantages of online town hall meetings is you can get meaningful meeting/attendee insights. Several distinguished online meeting platforms help you with meaningful analytics and data to examine and estimate the success of your meeting.

Virtual event platforms help you with comprehensive attendee data. Right from the number of registrations, attendee navigation, number of downloads done by the participants, most used feature, and many more. The detailed data and analytics help you make significant improvements and additions for future events.

Easy to Collect Feedback

Collecting valuable feedback from the attendees is quite easier at online events when compared to physical ones. Post-meeting feedback is very important to understand if you could meet the expectations of the target audience.

You can conduct surveys, polls, or send a simple feedback form on the emails of the attendees.
Doing this will help you know what employees felt about the online town hall meeting and the topics that were discussed. You can ask simple questions to learn their understanding of the presented topic or even some common feedback.

Asking these easy questions can offer impactful results for the future; What did you like the most? Is there something you did not like? What are your suggestions for future virtual meetings?

The Bottom Line

A virtual town hall meeting can include many more aspects apart from just sharing business or employee updates. Townhall meetings can play an essential part in reinforcing your organizational culture. They are an excellent opportunity to strengthen the bonding between the employees, share a common goal or objective, share industry updates, or celebrate the monthly wins.

It may look a bit complicated to get everyone together on one platform. But, virtual event platforms have made this possible. You can not just host such meetings but also deliver unique and bizarre experiences to the attendees.

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