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7 Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials

Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials- The current year and the last year of the Pandemic have taught us most about the uncertainty that surrounds us. In a world like ours, nothing is definite as even our best-laid plans can go askew, all the paths we have decided to follow to achieve our goals can get blocked and the definition of the world as we know of it in the present moment can turn upside down the next moment. The past few pandemic months have made us realize that not a lot of aspects of our daily life are in our control and hence to keep ourselves sane in such an uncertain world best would be to focus on things that we can control. 

Things like the people we choose to stay in touch with, being mindful of the way we spend our free time, and the way we choose to organize our wardrobe and invest in our wardrobe-essentials. While you may be already making your grand plans of going for revenge shopping as soon as things go back to normal, it’s always advised to plan and invest in wardrobe essentials accessories as they go a long way in helping you keep up with fashion trends and make statements through your OOTDs. 

Here are some must-have wardrobe essentials that you should invest in to update your wardrobe, this wardrobe essential list will save you from fashion fiasco and will keep you trendy at all times – 

Slim Belt  

Slim belts are a necessary accessory that you should always have in your wardrobe. These are the ultimate wardrobe essentials for women. You know that your favorite pair of jeans are not always going to fit you perfectly, sometime you may lose a few inches due to lifestyle changes, and your jeans will loosen up on the waist. In such circumstances, a slim belt can turn out to be your true savior. These belts will not only hold your denim pants in place but will also make you look trendy.  

Now if you are someone who loves to experiment when it comes to fashion you can always choose to wear your slim belt over a blazer or a dress. The fun fact here is that the over-the-blazer look is currently ruling the vogue. If you are a beginner with slim belts start with tan or black belts and then slowly work your way up. 


The next in the list of essential wardrobe items have to be sneakers. They are everyone’s favorite kind of shoes as they are comfy, fashionable, and never go out of trend. While the 6-inch heels are counted as the ultimate sign of sophisticated fashion, sneakers are what make you look funky yet fashionable. What’s more, you can easily pair sneakers with all kinds of outfits and wear them to all kinds of events from formal meetings to casual dates. 

So in all ways investing in sneakers is going to help you in the long term. You can start with a basic white pair of sneakers or the simple Converse sneakers and then start experimenting with the funkier ones.


Scarves are what bring a diversity of patterns to your wardrobe and take your fashion game to the next level. If you know how to style them right and are open to experimenting, scarves can prove out to be a perfect accessory that will help you make a statement through your every outfit. You can also double your scarf as headgear and bring your A-line game into styling your outfit of the day. 

You can carry a scarf around when you are traveling and don’t even get us started on how beautiful these scarves look under a trench coat. Scarves are an essential holiday wardrobe accessory and you should consider investing in some interesting patterned scarves. You can start with the handkerchief-style scarves as they look elegant and come in silk mostly. 

Statement earrings 

A large part of what we wear involves our earrings. Earrings are jewelry wardrobe essentials that go a long way in defining as well as highlighting our outfits. They can add a quintessential touch of glamour or can totally ruin the outfit depending on how we style them. It is always advised to invest in some unique and diverse kinds of earrings to render a finishing touch of glitz to your outfits. 

The market these days is full of all diverse kinds of earrings. There are hoops, enamel-colored earrings, battered metal earrings, shell earrings, and many more varieties. Mix and match around these and eventually, you knock the code of which kinds of earrings work best for you.

Charm Bracelet  

There is something about charm bracelets that speaks of elegance and beauty. Charm bracelets are a must-have wardrobe essential that adds a personal touch to your outfit and make your wrist look sleek and interesting. To make a charm bracelet a little more fun and to add a charm of your personal liking to it. Add elements that speak about you to your charm bracelet. For example, if you love fashion you can add elements like high heels to it. If you are a travel enthusiast you can add elements like the Eiffel Tower to the bracelet. 

Imagine how fun it would be to start a conversation on a bracelet that has elements like stars, flowers, high heels, Eiffel Tower, and colorful stones. 

Oversized Watch 

The accessory we wear plays a very crucial role in depicting our personality to others. While it may sound archaic and cliche, people often judge us from the way we look and style ourselves. Now at certain times, you may wish to depict a timely, sophisticated, and expensive personality. In such circumstances, all you gotta do is add an oversized watch to your outfit.

Wristwatches are one of the crucial wardrobes essential to have as they are great handpieces, one that makes your arm look sleek and elegant and doubles up as a statement accessory for your look. While investing in expensive accessories asks for a lot of thought and commitment. You can always start with a small step by investing in great wristwatches that make you look elegant. When in doubt you can always go with a classic gold. And silver wristwatch as that looks charming on all hands. 


Sunglasses are a wardrobe essential that every woman should own. They often make a way for themselves in every wardrobe as they are an absolute summer requisite. And have a reserved place in every traveling bag. But the thing about sunglasses that many of us find most disturbing is their designs go in. And out of fashion really frequently. This factor often convinces us to invest in cheaper shades. The important thing that you should know here is that such cheap shades can mess with your eyesight. In all cases, a classic pair of Ray-Bans go a long way and make you look classy at all times. 

While we are talking about wardrobe essentials it’s important that we also mention the inclusion of costumes with corsets and the best waist training corsets in your wardrobe as they are in vogue and will render you a perfect hourglass figure. 

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