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7 Keys to Starting Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Over the past decades, there has been a constant rise in start-ups in India. India is now known to be the next Silicon Valley as the number of start-ups is growing. There is no shortage of marketers in India. However, there are digital marketing companies that closed within the first year and some have been climbing the ladder of success from the beginning. There is a vast difference between a digital marketing agency that has its list of goals planned and one with an unplanned structure. Today, we will discuss a few key points on how to start your digital marketing agency.

Create a Company Website

The first step to creating your digital marketing agency is to create a company website. A digital marketing company is incomplete without a website. A website helps you to showcase your work with clients and connect with potential clients. A digital marketing company needs to have a website.

Social Media Platforms

As a digital marketing agency, creating a social media presence is crucial. You can be marketing with the help of your social media accounts and presence. Even top SEO companies in India have social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Become a Google Partners

Google plays a major role in marketing over the internet. Google partner is a google program for digital marketing agencies and other online consultants. When you become a google partner, you get a plethora of benefits such as special events and training, industry research, certifications, and more.

Minor Projects

It is best to start from the beginning. You can pick freelancing or minor projects which can help you sharpen your skills and gain experience. You get to work on different types of projects which allow you to learn and gain more experience. Sooner you can start climbing the ladder and reach the top.

Register your agency

As an agency or an organization, it is important to register your company before conducting any activities. If you are working without registering, you might end up breaking few laws and your business can come to an end. A verified company or agency ensures trust in the clients.


The best way to create an impression on your clients is to create the best content possible. Content is the heart of your agency, as it will attract potential customers for your business. Content is the king, and without content, there can be no growth in the business.

Create Landing Pages with Showcase Projects

There are different digital marketing companies in India that create a website but often exclude landing pages and projects from the client. It is important to run an ad campaign with email marketing & get the leads and put some convenience points, past projects, live examples that are with you.


There are many digital marketing companies in India and around the world. The market is filled with competition, but following these key points can help you get a better start and more chance of success.

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