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7 Healthy Snack Ideas for Seniors – Elderly Companionship Services in the U.K.

Most of us grab a slice of cake or munch nachos when craving a snack. 

It’s definitely easy when you’re looking to find a quick fix for your sweet or savory cravings. But what about seniors? 

Can you serve them snacks you usually consume when you’re hungry? No, right? 

You have to think twice before serving your elderly loved ones with anything. Especially if you’re working in any elderly companionship services in the U.K., you have to be extra careful preparing meals or snacks for your elderly patients. 

Sounds challenging? But it is totally doable. 

All you need to do is prepare and plan well. To make this job easier for you, here we will be sharing our top 7 favorite healthy snack ideas with you.

These snacks aren’t only easy to make but healthy and interesting enough to make seniors feel happy and satisfied. 

7 Healthy Snack Ideas for Seniors


1. Soft snacks

Teeth and gum issues are quite common in people over 60. Because these individuals can’t consume food that requires a lot of chewing, you can prepare something soft and delicious for them – something they can enjoy with a straw or a spoon. 

Some vegetables and fruits turn soft after steaming – potato, carrots, and broccoli are to name a few. You can cut them in a finger-like shape, steam, and serve with delicious sauces as a side. 

Besides that, a greek yogurt bowl topped with raspberries, strawberries, mangos, or bananas will make a delicious snack. Bananas topped with peanut butter are our personal favorite. 

You can also roast vegetables and serve them with some cottage cheese. The possibilities are endless… 

2. Crunchy snacks

If your elderly has strong teeth and they love munching salted pretzels, chips, and popcorn, you can create some amazingly healthy and creative dishes out of these ingredients. 

But you don’t really have to stick to unhealthy, commercially-bought crisps and chips only. You can also give them fresh crunchy vegetables with their favorite dip or different types of nuts or nut-based snacks (we’re going to talk about a few of them in the following sections). 

Unsalted popcorns, sweet potato chips, and pita chips with hummus are great ideas too. All of these things need less than 10-15 minutes to prepare. Also, they’re healthy and filling too. What more could one ask for in snacks?

3. Protein-rich snacks

We have seen many seniors complaining about low-energy levels and weight reduction. That is because they can’t consume the number of proteins their body requires during each mealtime. 

How about preparing some protein-rich snacks to cover this deficiency? Food rich in protein not only will boost energy levels but also improves body mass and weight gain. 

Turkey slices sandwiched between soft whole-grain bread, edamame, cheese-based snacks, boiled and roasted chickpeas tossed in mild spices, and a snack as simple as boiled eggs can keep your elderly’s protein levels in range.  

4. Sweet snacks

It is normal for seniors to crave sweets like all of us do. But obviously, you can’t feed them icecreams, chocolates, and biscuits all the time. They taste delicious but hold little to zero nutritional value. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat your elderly with a sweet treat menu. There are countless healthier alternatives to enjoy in moderation that provide health benefits and keep seniors healthy and energetic. 

Frozen fruits, such as grapes, raspberries, and mango, taste delicious. Also, you don’t need any additional sugar to make your sorbets sweet. 

Dark chocolate and almonds make a great combo. You can also give homemade granola bars, Applesauce with cinnamon, and sugarless smoothies a try. 

5. Dairy-rich snacks

Yogurts, low-fat cheeses, smoothies, fat-free creams all taste yum. All you need is a little creativity to turn these ingredients into finger-licking snacktime food. 

Here are a few things you can try keeping your salt and sugar use as minimum as possible:

  • Greek yogurt with grapes
  • Peanut butter honey drizzled banana ice cream
  • Ricotta and raspberry parfaits
  • Cottage cheese and melon

6. Nut-based snacks

Nuts are rich in vitamins, selenium, and magnesium. They are also low-carb and contain lots of nutrients that keep seniors energetic and full all day long. 

What we love about nuts is they’re quite versatile. You can use them in different snacks, including apple energy bars, carrot and walnut cake slices, almond bars, dark chocolate nutty barks, etc. 

7. Vegetables & fruits

If you know the elderly you’re taking care of is fond of fresh fruits and vegetables, it is better to look for relevant ideas. Simply cut your elderly’s favorite vegetables and fruits and serve them with a handful of nuts or some seeds. We offer great alternatives to nursing homes: home health care for seniors, in home senior caring services, and live in elderly care.

All these snack ideas are super easy to make and taste delicious. Is there anything else you want to add to this list? Drop your feedback in the comments section below. We’d love to have some more suggestions.

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