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6 Things to know about MongoDB

MongoDB is a powerful document database. MongoDB is used in various app development projects. C++ is the programming language used for the creation of this database and is also accessible as an open-source edition for free. It was first developed in 2007 and has become the most widely used NoSQL database. It has grown in popularity in a very short time.  And now it is a part of MEAN stack (a specific technological stack), where M stands for MongoDB.

We’ve talked about how intimidating NoSQL databases may be in prior months. We discussed why NoSQL databases are superior to SQL databases (in terms of specific use cases), which NoSQL databases are best for your app project, and why combining several NoSQL databases to achieve better results is a wonderful idea. In addition to this knowledge, MongoDB, which we will describe below, is a NoSQL database that deserves special note.

Why should you use MongoDB?

MongoDB’s major and most important advantage is that it is a no-fixed-schema database design. It’s a NoSQL database, so that’s not surprising. The next reason to choose MongoDB is that it is a document store, which is very useful in a variety of scenarios. However, we have covered that in our post titled “Choosing the Right NoSQL Database Type for App Development.” So, why should you select MongoDB as your Document Store Database of choice? Here are some of the reasons for this:

Ad Hoc Queries Performance

MongoDB’s major benefit over other databases is its performance under load, particularly when dealing with ad hoc queries on data that is typically updated in real-time. MongoDB is capable of retrieving specified fields, ranges, locations, and values, as well as regular expression queries. MongoDB has a query language similar to SQLesc, making it simple to learn, and its ability to handle dynamic queries distinguishes it from CouchDB, which requires the creation of views first.


MongoDB is best suited for applications that require consumers to see consistent data. If you only need a database for data entry during data visualization and consistency isn’t a concern (as in a social network), you can use CouchDB or another alternative. However, before you do so, think about how well you do.

Querying based on location is a useful feature

If you’re going to construct an app with location-based features like location locating, location-based event tracking, and so on, MongoDB is the ideal option. MongoDB is the only free NoSQL database with built-in geospatial capabilities.


The database is scaled horizontally. Innovative Sharding is used to address database scalability, which is rather unique in and of itself. MongoDB’s performance at replicating data and creating replica sets to boost availability and consistency was very impressive. The database is intelligent enough to withstand failures in replica operations while still producing consistent results.

Multiple Server Load Balancing

The majority of document storage databases provide capabilities that enable scalability over several servers. Multiple server-based databases are grouped in NoSQL. This is the feature that makes it different from SQL databases. MongoDB is no exception, however, we discovered that it outperformed CouchDB on numerous server-based apps, though our use case was based on MongoDB in that testing.

Document storage model based on JSON

MongoDB employs the BSON document storage structure, which is based on JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). The biggest advantage of this format is that it allows you to integrate your app with other platforms. Because the YouTube API returns data in JSON format, MongoDB is ideal for managing such requests.

MongoDB is a fantastic database. It’s ideal for projects requiring schema-free data storage and the ability to handle large databases. CMS platforms, blogging platforms, data analytics platforms, e-commerce portals, document storage portals, metadata storage, and location-based applications are all good candidates for the database. The technology provides various benefits for your business.

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