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6 Superb Advantages of Kitchen Countertops that Make Homeowners Love them

A major area inside the house is the kitchen. Oftentimes, it’s messy and busy because it’s where the magic of cooking happens! For some people, it’s their favorite space because of the delights they create in it. They admire it so much that they do their best to have their kitchen customized for their greater convenience. And among the many features that homeowners truly love to have tailor-built for them are kitchen countertops.

Although they are often seen in big and luxurious houses, kitchen countertops are also ideal for medium-size houses. Some would not believe it, but there are small dwellings with kitchen countertops too. That’s because they are not always supposed to be so big and wide like in huge homes.   

Now, not everyone sees or realizes the goodness that these house components bring. Some think that these kitchen countertops are only decorative home additions, but they are not just that! Only those who own them, those who give them a try and those who read about them  know. So yes, read on, and learn the 6 advantages of kitchen countertops. These points make homeowners love them, so know why you will love them too! 

1 – Kitchen countertops provide a wide space for everything food preparation and cooking.


Serving as a workstation, kitchen countertops provide an ample space as you prepare and cook food. Even while you are alone, you have a helping hand in the form of a solid kitchen countertop.

It’s a sweatful hassle to chop onions, clean the meat, wash vegetables, and mix ingredients all on the same average-size table or on that small stretch you have beside the stove. For sure, it can be chaotic and confusing. 

You will really be grateful when you have an expansive work surface where you can set up and lay down your ingredients and apparatuses and work on it later on. Food preparation is made easier and clearer. Cooking is made more worthwhile.

2 – They are also the best kitchen area for baking. 

kitchen countertops

Most of the time, cooking daily viands does not really make the kitchen disorderly. Especially when you are not using a lot of ingredients, including countless condiments, it’s not so difficult to control cleanliness while cooking.

On the other hand, baking is quite distinct. It is another kitchen activity, but apparently, it inevitably makes more mess and fuss. If you are going to bake, there are so many materials to get yourself ready with – from ingredients to instruments. On top of that, an appropriate area is a must. And yes, kitchen countertops are the best kitchen area for baking.

Because kitchen countertops are capacious and flat, they are ideal for baking purposes. Kneading the dough is made perfect. Shaping your confections is made comfortable. Decorating your goodies is made extra fun. You can cozily position your numerous baking ingredients, your cookbooks in hard copy or your tablets to look up recipes online, and finally, your baking tools. 

Everything baking can be accessibly set out on kitchen countertops, and it is just so amazingly practical! 

3 – Countertops are an extra location to set appliances.

kitchen countertops

In the kitchen, there are electronic appliances needed for frying, for grilling, for boiling, for baking, for heating, for cleaning, for lighting, for ventilation, for leisure and many more. Yup, you’ve read that right, leisure is included because some families situate some equipment for entertainment in the cooking area. For them, they want every portion of the house to be a pen of fun and relaxation even when the kitchen is frequently busy.

With the help of kitchen countertops, you have an extra location for your appliances. That means your typically used gears, like rice cookers, toasters, coffee makers, brewers, mixers, ovens and juicers, can be found and utilized easily. No need to store them inside cabinets and to take them out every time you use them since they are ready for use! With that, kitchen countertops are truly favorably serviceable!  

4 – They can add visual appeal to home interiors.

kitchen countertops

Talking about stylishness, kitchen countertops can never go wrong. They can be made with various materials like granite, marble, stainless steel, glass, concrete and wood. Some are installed with tiles of ceramic, porcelain, quartz or mosaic. Colors are innumerable, and regardless of whether you want the common or the bizarre ones, you can have them! Designs are assorted; from plains to patterns, there are so many to choose from!

The impressive variety of kitchen countertops allows them to add visual appeal to home interiors. Kindly let your new home builders and designers know how you want your kitchen countertops to look, so that it can match the rest of your kitchen and of your house. 

If you tell them the personal preferences you wish for your worktop to have, these experts can make your hopes come true without a doubt! Moreover, they will help you determine what fixtures suit your kitchen countertops’ aesthetic vibes, and it can be a really fun decision making process too.

5 – Kitchen countertops can sometimes be used as a dining table if desired.


A lot of homeowners love how they can use their kitchen countertops as their dining table when they want to. 

When you are too hungry to move to the dining room, you can just grab a chair and use the spacious countertop instead. This is particularly when you are alone at home or the only one eating at the moment. It could also be the case when you are simply eating snacks or desserts. 

What’s more, you can actually station chairs on default around the kitchen countertops. It’s where your kids can sit down while waiting for you to let them taste test your newly tried recipe. Eventually, if you all decide to just eat the meal there, well, that’s great too because you have a multifunctional countertop!  

6 – They can have accessible cabinets and drawers where kitchen essentials can be stored.


Kitchen countertops are worth your money because they can efficiently perform loads of duties. You can choose to have yours with accessible cabinets and drawers where kitchen essentials can be kept safe.

Adding storage space to your house is another wonderful reward of having kitchen countertops. Because you want and need your kitchen coordinated and clean, you need these compartments to organize your items. The hassles of looking for this spatula, that plastic bag, this canned good and that saucer can be lessened. Time and energy can be maximized. Dirt and disarray can be prevented.

To boot, when you have unexpected visitors yet you are not able to clean up the house, those storage areas installed under or over those kitchen countertops can save your panicking self! Just tuck them into those, and you can fix them better later when your guests leave. 



Everyone wants a nice and neat kitchen, but of course, you need a friendly and functional one in general. Go for kitchen countertops! With a wise selection of materials, designs and installer, you will absolutely garner these wonderful advantages of kitchen countertops. From the bottom to the top, they are meant to enhance your living and not just your kitchen!  



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Horizon Homes, a boutique home building and designing company in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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