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6 Reasons Why No One Shows Much Interest in Your Business Videos

In order to create content, you’re spending time and effort, so if no one pays attention to them, then all your work has been for nothing. While this is a tragedy in its own right, it gets even worse when you remember that these videos originally had a goal and that you’ve completely missed the mark.

Still, the problem at hand, although serious, may have a simpler solution than you originally expected. There are a couple of common mistakes that people are making during their video marketing campaign. Here are six such mistakes alongside some of the most effective solutions.

1.      They are simply too long

While, technically, your video could be as long as 12 hours, this idea would be completely preposterous (unless you aim to make an endless loop). The ideal length of a video is 5-7 minutes. This is an estimate based on the top 100 most-watched videos on YouTube. The simplest way to fix this issue is to spend some more time in the editing room. If something’s unnecessary simply cut it out. Also, if you have a script, it would be ideal to rehearse it before producing the footage. This way, you’ll be able to notice if something requires rephrasing ahead of time.

2.      It doesn’t evoke emotions

According to video production Sydney veterans, like any other medium, your video needs to evoke emotions in order to be deemed effective. This is what determines whether people will reshare the video after watching it. On YouTube, it also determines whether they’ll subscribe and click on the next piece of content you share. In a way, it makes a difference in your long-term video marketing strategy. On top of this, it can do wonders for your brand recognition, brand awareness, and efforts to establish deeper connections to your audience. It is a first step on the path to building brand loyalty.

3.      It takes too long to start

Having an intro that is devoid of content, too long, or too boring will drive away from the majority of your audience. The viewers need the message within 20-30 seconds. Some video editors handle this issue by providing quick highlights. The good old cinematic “you probably wonder how we got here” type of “in media res” narration can be quite effective, as well. The key thing is that you state what the video is about. If it’s a tutorial, tell them what they’ll learn by the end or show them the end product (operational, fully assembled, operating, etc.).

4.      Sharing it in the wrong place

Technically, you can share your videos on a blog, on your social media accounts, on the homepage of your website, on your YouTube channel, etc. The thing is that different audiences (based on the platform) expect different video formats. It’s really that easy. The video that you’ve prepared for Facebook will not give you the same engagement on LinkedIn and vice-versa. Ideally, you would prepare this content for each platform individually. Moreover, there’s nothing wrong with using YouTube as your primary platform and using the rest in order to play the teaser and draw the audience.

5.      You’re not promoting them enough

Another thing you need to understand is that the word of the video won’t spread on its own. You need to start using all your channels (we’ve already mentioned the trailers). There’s nothing wrong with shameless self-promotion but it’s far more effective when someone else does it. How can you affect this? Well, there are a couple of ways. First, you can ask your closest friends and associates to share it as a personal favor. Second, there are a couple of tricks that you can use in order to make the video more shareable.

6.      Better title and thumbnail

Put yourself in a position of a potential viewer moments before they click on your video – what are they able to see? They can see the length of the video (something we’ve already addressed), the title, and the thumbnail. All three of these things need to provide them with a hint of something they want to see. Keep in mind that a lot of videos use techniques like clickbait, which is why people have grown quite resilient to these hard-sell techniques. Therefore, you will have to be both subtler and more creative.

In conclusion

By fixing these flaws, you will give your videos a much higher chance of actually being watched. The best part is that these “problems” aren’t really that content-based. Sure, it might require you to rephrase and leave out a couple of things but it’s mostly about how you format it, where you post it, and how strong your online community is. Overall, it’s mostly an organizational issue. With just a bit of help, you can make the performance of your video marketing strategy skyrocket.

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