6 Essentials for Guns That Gun Owners Should Have

If you own guns, there are plenty of essentials that you should have to support your firearm. Knowing which are truly essential, whether you are going hunting, heading to the range, or training hard for a competition, is vital. Here are a few options that you should look into for the guns that you use.

A Holster for Your Handgun and a Sling for Your Rifle

Whether you are at the range or hunting, you will want a holster or sling for your firearm. Slings tend to be universal for most rifles, especially if they have sling points or rails for attachment points. Pistol holsters, however, are different. There are some universal holsters, but they tend not to be quite as good as holsters made for specific guns. A holster or a Taurus 1911 will likely accept other 1911s, but not a Glock. Be sure to get the right holster for your handgun.

A Way to Transport Your Guns

You need a way to transport your guns, preferably in a hard case. Most new handguns come with a hard case. You can find soft cases, as well. Some ranges will not let you onto the premises if you do not have your guns in some sort of case. Hard cases are essential if you are flying, but soft cases are fine for going to the range.

Storage Boxes to Protect Ammo for Your Guns

Instead of keeping ammo packaging boxes sitting about, you want a watertight box. You can store loose ammo in a proper box or put packaged ammo directly into it. This can help protect your ammo from moisture and temperature changes. It also makes transporting ammo much easier, whether you’re headed to the range or a hunt. Ammo boxes are made of either hard plastic or metal.

A Loud Shot Timer with Variable Timing

Are you going to the range to improve your shootings skills? Are you practicing for a competition or a hunt? Trying to have the fastest draw or time between firing at two targets? Then you need a shot timer. Find a shot timer that is loud enough to cut through ear protection and has a random start time. This can help build anticipation and stress, something you will likely find both while hunting or during a competition. It’s a great way to improve your practice.

A Shot Shell Bag

When you take your Benelli M4 out to the range, you will not want to stop practicing because the tube is empty. If you are practicing for competition, your speedloader can only hold so many shells. Instead, bring a shot shell bag, which can hold plenty of shells. It is convenient when you are shooting clays or hunting, and you have time between shots to get ammo out of the bag.

Mag Loaders for Your Guns

Mag loaders can help you load your magazines faster. They are made for rifles and handguns, and any Glock owner will tell you that trying to get the last round or two in a mag is a challenge without a mag loader. They are small enough that you can throw one in your range bag when you head out. Some guns come with one, while others are only aftermarket.

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