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6 Baby Nursery Décor Tips

If you’re soon expecting a new family member, decorating a nursery is definitely somewhere on the top of the to-do list. Don’t worry about it too much. Here is how you can easily organise a cute little nursery while letting your creative side shine through. 

Pick a theme

When you start decorating your baby’s nursery it’s helpful to create a certain theme or an overall design pattern. With this in mind, it will be easier for you to choose the furniture, arrange the colours, and decorate the room with some finishing touches. 

If you want the nursery to be light and appear bigger and brighter you can pick soft pastel shades of blue, yellow, pink, orange or any other colour of your choice. However, don’t be scared to go for a bold emerald green if you want a bit of a darker theme for your baby. It all comes down to your preference and what theme you want to unite the elements of the room. 

Carefully arrange the furniture

After you picked the theme, painted the walls and created a general idea of what you want the nursery to look like, it’s time to bring in some furniture. Now, it’s easy to just throw in the furniture wherever you want, but it’s always a smarter choice to think about the arrangement of the furniture and the shape of the room first and here’s why.

 Firstly, the way your furniture is arranged can affect the appearance of the room a lot. If you want more of an open-concept space then you need to arrange the furniture accordingly. It’s best to leave a lot of space in the middle and allow lots of sunlight to come in so try not to block the window area. Also, by allowing a lot of free space you will make sure the room is practical. It will be a lot easier for you to walk around and carry the baby when you need to. 

Choose a focal point

If you opted for pastel colours or white walls, it’s nice to have a focal point that will tie in the whole room design together and add a pop of colour. A focal point can be just about anything. For example, you can paint a huge circle in any colour you want on one of the white walls and then decorate it by placing shelves inside the circle. Add some fun colouring books and fairy tales on top of the shelves and maybe even some house plants too. This will brighten up the room so much. 

Another idea for a focal point is an art piece hanging on one of the walls or a huge mirror with a beautifully decorated frame. Whatever brings attention to itself in an aesthetically pleasing way will work. 

Get an adequate diaper changing table

Another useful element that should be introduced to the nursery room is a diaper changing table. There are ways you can incorporate it in the bedroom without sticking out too much from the design. The safest option is to choose the plain one that fits everywhere. However, there are a few extra factors you need to take into mind. The table needs to be of a certain height. You don’t want to have to be bending way too much when changing your baby’s diaper. You want the table to be somewhere on the same height as your hips or a bit taller. Also, make sure that the sides are well-secured so the baby won’t accidentally roll off the table.

Invest in the bedding

When shopping for all of the necessary stuff for the baby’s nursery, make sure to invest in some high-quality baby blankets, soft pillowcases, mattresses, and bedsheets. The baby’s crib needs to be properly equipped so that the baby can sleep well and not bump their head around the crib during the night. As long as the baby is comfy and warm while sleeping, you’ve got everything covered when it comes to the bedding. 

Mix different textures

Lastly, when decorating the room with some finishing touches don’t hesitate to play with colours, shapes, and textures of different kinds of materials. You can add tons of fluffy pillows or mix them with a couple of silky pillowcases. Use different types of wooden materials for drawers and other furniture to create a flowy yet different design around the room. Feel free to experiment and try whatever you feel would look good with the theme you had in mind. 


Overall, organising a nursery can be a pretty fun and creative process if you allow yourself to experiment. Try out different themes, play with colours and textures, and don’t hesitate to use your artistic side and create focal points that are out of the ordinary. Whatever you do, just make sure the nursery is well equipped with everything a baby will need. 

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