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5 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Modern Coffee Table Sets

How much attention do you give your modern coffee table sets? Apart from perhaps dusting its surfaces every day, do your coffee tables serve any other purpose? How many times have you placed your coffee mug on it? Apart from resting our feet and stacking newspapers and magazines on them, your modern coffee tables can be set up to be the focal point of your living room.

The following tips will demonstrate five unique ways to decorate your modern coffee table sets:

1. Practice the “Rule of Three”:

The “Rule of Three” refers to human psychology and our tendency to find things grouped in three very appealing. You apply this concept when decorating your modern coffee tables sets or any piece of contemporary furniture for that matter. Take your largest coffee table and divide the surface into three groupings. Place a decorative object in these three sections to create an asymmetrical design.

2. Add Natural Light:

Candles add warmth and natural lighting. Scented candles can act as a “focal smell” in your living room. They can also be used to add color and creativity to your modern coffee tables sets. You can add candles in many different ways. You can set up a decorative tea light stand featuring small candles or individual hurricane jars with large candles. Both add character in their special way.

3. Add Plants or Flowers:

Plants and flowers are an excellent way to bring an element of the outdoors indoors. If your living room is decorated with modern furniture and neutral colors, consider adding a bouquet of red and yellow Gerber daisies to create a visual burst of color. Don’t have much time to take care of real plants? Consider fake flowers. Place these in a tall or decorative vase for a dramatic effect. This is a mess-free option that doesn’t require much upkeep except for the occasional dusting. You can change your bouquet of fake flowers as the seasons change.

4. Add Decorative Glass Bottles:

Glass bottles are available in many colors, textures, and finishes. They can be an excellent way to enhance the theme of your living room. For example, if your space has a marine theme, sea-glass bottles are a good choice. If your drawing room has a rustic look to it, classic bottles in warm colors will do the trick. Color coordination is necessary to create a cohesive look.

5. Place Decorative Containers or an Accent Bowl:

Containers and accent bowls are both stylish and efficient. They help to keep items such as remotes, gaming equipment, and coasters in one specific area. Decorative containers help to organize and solidify your space. Wicker or wood containers pair perfectly well with contemporary furniture.

Similarly, home accent bowls are a great place to display small knick-knacks. For a marine-inspired room, place a variety of seashells and rocks in your bowl. If you have a rustic, cottage-style space, consider placing dry flowers in your bowl.

Containers and accent bowls help to draw the eye to your modern coffee table sets.

The tips mentioned above will give your coffee tables a new life. They can be decorated to suit both contemporary furniture and modern furniture styles. Without the addition of some decorative elements, your beautiful coffee tables would go unnoticed. For more ideas on how to decorate your coffee table, visit Creative Furniture Store.

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