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5 uncommon but proven ways to get high quality backlinks for your website


In the digital sphere the competition is at record high and it is  easy to get your site achieve a good ranking due to the proliferation of players. However, there are some of the strategies that help you to succeed in the industry and with reasonable time and effort you can also experience good success. One such strategy is to make the backlinks. In this blog you will read about some of the actionable Backlink building Tips.

WHile many website owners know about the value of backlinks they generally have the notion that it is enough to make hundreds of backlinks or even buy them from the different “sellers’ ‘ is good enough. That is completely wrong. In fact it may do more harm than good to your website. Google isn’t actually looking at the tons of spammy links your website has accumulated in a short time but it is actually looking for the high authority valuable links that your website has. So you clearly need to pay attention to the value and not the volume of your backlinks. 

In this post we will discuss some of the less common, but nevertheless, much easier ways to “earn” high quality backlinks for your website and that too on the top ranking sites of your industry. Don’t worry, we won’t tell you to write “very high quality” blog posts and “keep on trying” a top industry blog accepts it. This practice is certainly rewarding but it takes lots of time and effort. 

So, here are some of the innovative and less difficult ways to get quality backlinks for your website:


Case Studies

Case Studies not only offer a personal assurance to the readers but also act as a great way to build your authority. As opposed to other types of content the case studies talk about the real, practical issues and how your services/products did solve it. You can storify the real incidents engage the users. At the same time, the right information is accurately provided to keep the trust factor intact. Case studies allow you to prove logically that you can offer what you claim. >>

Customer stories

Everyone of us is a customer- no matter how big or small. And we all have stories to tell about our products we purchased. It might be good or not so good- but we all do have a story. So, here’s how you can use this as an opportunity to get a backlink. First, analyze your field of business and some of the related products that you use. Now look out for the high ranking authoritative “brand” websites of those products and determine if you may like or afford to buy any of them to try. Minutely examine the way these products assist you in your business and write a compelling and engaging story on the same.

You can then contact the parent company of that brand and share your positive story with them along with your website URL and request if they can publish your story on their website. Most of such sites reward their customers by publishing teh stories along with their URL and this way you can easily gain a high value organic backlink.

Resource posts

Resource posts are best suited to build many internal links in a natural way but spending the least amount of time. You can create the content with a good volume of links where the specific content has been mentioned in length and in a dedicated fashion. It can include a list of tools, helpful tips, and tricks or a quick summer of some important tutorials you need to execute a specific strategy.>



Helping people to gain knowledge can also offer you excellent SEO benefits. Help your audiences to expand their knowledge and acquire proficiency in specific techniques or technology. Many netizens love to gain more knowledge to make their work easier and better. By sharing tutorials you offer them the best way to enhance their knowledge. >>


Offering unbiased reviews of different tools, services and sites with pros, cons and verdict is another way to keep your readers engaged. It allows you, readers, to gain the key knowledge required to determine where a specific source is relevant for their purpose or not. You can also sell the items through affiliate links by placing your affiliate links. Just mention it just below the post for the sake of transparency.>


To enjoy a good domain authority you need to have high-quality backlinks. Getting one isn’t easy but it is worth incurring efforts for the same. Most of the top-ranking websites have used an ethical backlinking strategy as one of the various attempts to get SEO benefits. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the practical tips that can help you gain good backlinks by producing high-quality content. The readers can follow other SEO strategies as well and we don’t claim backlinking to be the sure shot or single strategy to enhance your ranking.



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