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5 things you must go through before investing in a commercial property

Investment in commercial property could be the best option for multiplying wealth in a shorter time. However, deep research about the property is needed, otherwise, it can turn all your plans and may return huge losses. Commercial property is a property where office spaces, retail shops, food courts, warehouses, malls, and industrial real estate are available. It is evident from the infrastructural development in India that it is a booming sector. The Government of India has already planned 100 smart cities in India in the coming years. Being a developing nation, India has huge scope in real estate infrastructure. Before investing in a commercial property, everyone must collect sufficient information about the property and related facts.

If you are an investor and planning to invest money in a commercial property, you have to go through certain points before signing the deal. There are several factors one should understand while buying a commercial real estate property. Here we have focused on five main things that you must consider before investing in a commercial property.

5 things before investing in a commercial property

Are you planning to buy a commercial property, wait a minute? Have you analyzed the property as per the following key points? If not, go through the following information and consider the following recommendations before investing in a commercial property:

Select a right location

Identifying the correct location is the most challenging job in investment. The first and most important job is to select the right location for investment. Check connectivity or transport option to the property. If there is no proper connectivity, it is not a good destination for commercial use. Also, check for customer footfall in the area. You should visit the area personally, enquire about he already established business in the locality. You may contact some local brokers or dealers in that particular area to know about the property. Mainly, if we sum up this fact, we can say the following things should be considered during the selection of the property:

  • Location of the site
  • Area demographics
  • Metro and local transport connectivity
  • Surrounding area
  • Proximity to nearby malls, shopping centres of other key institutions.

One such ideal property that could meet all these requirements is IThums 62. If you are looking for commercial office space in Noida, you can consider IThums 62. The property has spacious and well-ventilated office spaces, terrace gardens, cafeterias, an open area, car parking, top-notch security, etc.

Research the market dynamics

The real estate market is full of uncertainty, there are new changes, trends and dynamics, which one must consider to analyze which commercial property is feasible to invest in. Hence, before investing in a commercial property, understand these factors that help you choose the right property.

Building amenities and Real Estate Developer

The availability of amenities like food courts, cafeteria, car parking space, green parks, security staff and connectivity are the key features that increase the value of the commercial space. A good commercial property has all these benefits so that end-user can get the best working experience. Secondly, you can check the real estate developer associated with the property. It is very crucial to check the market value or reputation of the real estate company. If everything is ok, you can go ahead.

A physical survey of the property is important, it will help you check the locality, connectivity, security and other important factors about the property in which you are investing.

Risk Assessment Job

Risk assessment of any investment whether it is property or anything else is an important practice. By doing so, we understand the pros and cons of investing in that particular property. The risk assessment practice can save both money and time. The ideal way to calculate the risk factors is to assess the overall performance of the property in the last 3 to 4 years. Secondly, check the connectivity and customer footfall in the area.

Avoid investing in commercial property associated with failing companies and defaulter business owners. Select the tenants with longer lease periods so that your space remains occupied for a longer time. Set the terms and conditions very carefully and mention the annual increment of the tenant fee.

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Read Documentation and Approval Thoroughly

To finalize the deal for commercial property, you need to read all the documents thoroughly. Check all legal aspects, mortgage-related papers, planning permits, tax documents, and other important approval. In this regard, you should take help from a legal expert. Don’t forget to check the hidden charges listed in the sale agreement like statutory charges, repair charger, etc. It will help you to escape from paying huge changes in the future.

IThum World, being a reputed real estate company located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, considers all these factors during the development of any commercial property in Noida and Delhi NCR. The company has a huge 30 years plus experience in the real estate market in India. If we talk about the key commercial projects delivered by the company, it includes the IThum and Corenthum. Furthermore, the ongoing projects of the company are IThums 62, IThums 73, and IThums Galleria. All these projects are state of the art commercial property in Noida where space is reserved for offices, retail shops, food courts and other commercial purposes. Approach IThum World directly and explore detailed information on commercial properties in the Noida region.

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