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5 Step Guide to Becoming an Online Yoga Instructor with the help of yoga teacher training

Online Yoga Instructor is an excellent way of controlling the body, mind, and soul. It helps in relaxing the body by managing anxiety and stress levels. Practicing yoga also benefits us by increasing muscle strength, toning the body, and making it more flexible.

In the present times, yoga has gained immense popularity as people are becoming more conscious about having a healthy mind in a healthy body. It helps in creating a balance between the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. A good yoga instructor can have a great impact on his students by infusing positive energy and a healthy environment.

Below are discussed 5 steps for becoming a successful online yoga instructor with the help of yoga teacher training. These will help you in creating your online yoga studio successfully.



A Yoga Training Certification Must Be Obtained

Even though it is not mandatory to finish yoga teacher training for beginning online yoga courses but completing yoga teacher training gives you comprehensive knowledge about the various aspects of yoga. It also helps in establishing a successful career as a yoga instructor. Being certified adds to your credentials and gives your students added confidence as well as enhances their comfort level.

Before opting for a yoga training program, it is important to choose one that offers a comprehensive package that includes the philosophy and history of yoga as well as the various yoga poses, styles, and breathing techniques.


Beginning Your Yoga Practice

There are many forms of yoga and it is important to decide which form will you be teaching before setting up your yoga practice.  You can choose from Vinyasa or Power yoga which are more athletic in style or   Iyengar or Kripalu yoga which are restorative.

It is also important to create a schedule regarding the days and timings of your yoga classes. One must also have someone as a substitute in case required. Deciding the fees for the yoga classes also must be decided beforehand considering all expenses incurred by you such as your yoga website and the costs for advertising as well as social media.


Bringing Your Yoga Classes Online

Once you have come to a conclusion about which kind of yoga you will be teaching, it is important to bring it online. Your website has to be created which will help future clients to find you when they are looking for an online yoga instructor or class.

The website created by you has to be pleasing to the eye as well as simple to use. It should have all the relevant phrases and information used by people while searching for yoga classes. This will enable sites such as Bing and Google to help people access our website. Once your website is running smoothly you can create your pages on social media where you will interact with future clients and arouse their interest in yourself as a yoga instructor. Create your social media pages on the sites which are most frequently used by potential clients. The best way of expanding your yoga practice is to be consistent with your brand on all the online platforms. Using the same font as well as colors enables clients to recognize your pages immediately irrespective of the site. This will help to strengthen your enabling our yoga practice to grow.


Creating a Marketing Strategy

Creating a plan for marketing your yoga classes is very important.  You should decide in which way you will be advertising your virtual yoga studio and also when will you begin to market options for your new yoga class.

Marketing well in advance gives your prospective clients time to get excited about which online forms of yoga will you be teaching. It also helps them in understanding the benefits of practicing yoga and how will they be able to benefit from it.

While marketing it is also very important to emphasize what sets you apart from other online yoga teachers and why you should be chosen as a yoga instructor for them. Whether it is your innovative way of teaching, or making them get into different yoga poses easily should be highlighted in your marketing strategy. Making a calendar about the marketing plans you intend to use helps in knowing which plan gives optimum results.


Targeting Potential Clients

There is a close link between marketing strategy and attracting potential clients. It is very essential to form a connection with your target clients through your marketing strategy.

Creating content that will directly relate to them is important. You can interact with them to be able to understand their requirements better. This will help in knowing about their personal as well as professional life including their major stressors. This will enable you to create more eye-catching marketing strategies. You can enquire about why they prefer online yoga teacher training classes rather than going to a yoga studio, how they visualize a yoga instructor who is ideal for them, etc.  This will help in attracting more clients.

Building a rapport with your clients gives them a certain comfort level and they can relate to you more easily. They can see you as a person along with being a certified yoga instructor who gives the best online yoga teacher training. You can give them tips on making yoga more interesting and successful. This will make them see you not only as a yoga instructor but also as a guide and friend for them.

There you have it. Follow the above steps and practice consistently to become the best online yoga instructor.


A good yoga instructor-client relationship is based on trust. Your clients have to trust that you will be able to teach them correctly. Sharing your certification as a yoga instructor is one way to express this. A second is to provide them with useful tips and tricks to make their yoga practice even more successful.

You become more than just a yoga instructor when you do this correctly. Sometimes, you become a friend as well. It becomes your job to give them advice about yoga. You may be asked for advice about fitness in general, too. What matters is that you are contacted.

Are you interested in learning more about how to build a successful virtual fitness business? The Yoga Education Institute offers an online yoga certification. In this course, you will learn how to become a yoga instructor by training a virtual instructor. It also discusses the effective methods of marketing your online business.

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