5 Best Android Accessories for 2021

There’s an array of Android smartphones out there and there’s a wider array of cool smartphone accessories to choose from. Different users have different expectations from their smart gadgets. Whether you’re into music, editing, photography, design or more, picking up the right accessories will make the usage of Android smartphones all the more fun and interesting. Here’s a list of top 5 best Android accessories for 2020 you should get your hands on.

#1 – JBL waterproof Portable Bluetooth speaker

With more than 12 hours of playback time and a seamless wireless connection to two phones at a time, the JBL waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker is the best Android accessory to have in 2020. It is the best portable speaker that’s an all-purpose and all-weather companion, coupled with the built-in echo and noise cancelling features. The sound quality of this speaker is bound to fill the room with perfect rhythm and if you’re someone who loves to blast good music in the background, you’ll love everything about the JBL waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker. The removal lanyard offered is the coolest element that allows extra use cases like hanging the speaker from the showerhead, backpack and is great for outdoorsy parties or get-togethers too.

#2 – Bluetooth headphones

If you’re looking for versatile and reliable Bluetooth headphones in Kuwait, the choices are many. Depending on the extent of usage, you should choose from various price variants. Many companies produce high quality headphones and a good pair of Bluetooth headphones is a one that checks the most boxes like good sound quality, a secure fit in case you want to exercise with them or walk, durability and an average six hours of battery life that’ll get you through your day. Adding to these basic list of features are other advanced features like seamless connectivity and an ability to connect to more than 2 devices simultaneously, which is found in higher price variants.

#3 – Wireless charging pad

An increased usage of Android smartphones means that you’ll need to choose phones that have extended battery life. Regardless of how prudent you’ll be in charging your smartphone from time to time, there will still be times when you might run out of battery. A big saviour during such times is the wireless charging pads. There are many options to explore and choose from when it comes to wireless charging pads, varying in styles, sizes, designs and the built. Whatever brand and variant you may choose, the wireless charging pad is one of the coolest Android accessories you can have in 2020.

#4 – Compact power banks

A dead phone or a laptop is the last thing you’ll want on a busy day. The range of compact power banks are very diverse and is suited to match different needs of new age Android smartphone users. Power bank price in Kuwait varies largely depending on the brand chosen and the battery life. On an average, most compact power banks designed today can be used to charge an Android phone an impressive 4 to 6 times. Different types of ports are available too, which makes it easy for the user to use it as a one-place source of battery to run more than 2 phones and a laptop too when needed.

#5 – A smartphone stand

A smartphone stand is the coolest little Android smartphone accessory you can have that’ll be very handy. It’s a convenient little accessory that you can keep on your work desk or nightstand enabling you to easily browse through your smartphone or to watch videos seamlessly. This stand can also be used while you’re traveling in trains or planes, and it’s ease of usage will make your life with Android smartphone so easy! Different price variants of smartphone stands are available, that are most often stable and well-designed with rubber cushions to keep your smartphone from scratches and to provide a firm and solid grip.

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