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5 Apps to Turn Photos into Drawings Ideas In 2021

Drawings apps

Want to know how to Drawings apps quickly and easily, without effort? “Ah yes, I also said to myself,” No, of course, there is no miracle trick to obtain a beautiful result in drawing without working a minimum. On the other hand, you can have fun transforming your best photos into sketches with a few clicks on your smartphone. I offer you a list of 5 applications to convert images into drawings quickly. They are all free, of course. I share with you my feelings and compare their strengths and weaknesses.

Graphite Sketchbook

I want to point out that I am not presenting the applications in order of preference. I will let you judge for yourself which one suits you best according to your expectations. Okay, so I’m starting with Graphite Sketchbook. It’s a pretty well-rated app with a logo and an excellent interface. Its use is relatively simple and intuitive. We can import already existing photos or take live pictures before transforming them.

Then, the retouching is doing very quickly landscape drawing. Just click on the filter that interests us (a preview is available on the thumbnail to get an idea of ​​the result). We also choose to use additional settings, such as cropping, brightness, contrast, shadow, etc.

Finally, the backup is done in one click, super easy and fast!

  • very intuitive;
  • cool options;
  • a quick and easy process;
  • the choices are quickly limited if we want to go further in creativity;
  • the watermark of the application is visible on the final result in the free version
  1. Insta Toon: Artistic Effects

I now suggest you look on the side of the Insta Toon application to modify your photos into Drawings apps. The name “toon” refers to cartoons, which is unique about this app. There are more cartoon or comic strip effects than in the previous one.

Again, the interface is relatively intuitive and easy to use. You can also import or take a new photo to transform it into a drawing. There are several drawing effect options in the free version, but most are available in the VIP version.

  • easy to use;
  • several setting options in addition to comic book effects;
  • no ubiquitous ads.
  • the signature “Insta Toon” present on the final result in the free version;
  • few effects sketch.
  1. Photo Lab

And in 3rd position on our list of applications to modify your photos in drawing, we have Photo Lab.

Photo Lab is an actual image editing application. The choice is enormous and is not limited only to the transformation of photos/Drawings apps. If you are a fan of photo editing, you might like this app too.

On the other hand, if only the sketch side interests you, the wide choice may be too much for you.

This time the process changes slightly. You first choose the effect you want from the library of proposals. Then you decide if you import a photo from your phone or if you take a live one. Then the settings are pretty simple.

What bothers me more, however, are the constant requests to access the premium version. We can quickly believe that we have no choice (as in the 3rd photo above, for example, we have to switch to the paid version while the loading is in progress). The options to ignore or close these ads are almost invisible. However, it is pretty possible every time.

If you have a keen eye and a little patience, you won’t mind taking advantage of their entire free catalog.

  • highly rated and downloaded application a lot;
  • a lot of choice and possibilities;
  • a reasonably straightforward process for an excellent result.
  • too intrusive requests towards the premium version;
  • the possibilities of ignoring it are too hidden (impression of not having a choice, which is moderately fair play);
  • too many options if you want something simple.
  1. My Sketch sketch

My Sketch Esquisse was one of the first proposals when I searched the store to “turn photos into Drawings apps.” So, I tried it. It’s not my favorite. However, she does the job well, so I present her to you here.

Like all the others, the two options, “gallery” or “take a photo,” are available. If you choose the second, you already have a few suggestions for settings when you shoot: focus, exposure, and white balance. If it’s important to you, it might be a good point. Then there are several sketches of transform effects to choose from. You can also boost or tone it down with a few more settings, and you’re good to go.

  • simple and sober;
  • get to the point;
  • no ads.
  • limited choice;
  • few effects that come close to sketching or drawing.
  1. Paint

And finally, the 5th and last application for today: Paint (yes, with two n). Paintworks like Photo Lab: you first choose the rendering you want from a large selection, import a photo from your phone, or take a new one.

You can choose the effects by category. It limits the time you spend looking for the one that’s right for you. You can go straight to the sketch section and make your choice from there.

You then have many settings at your disposal to adjust the filter’s intensity, the appearance of the result, and more.

  • a lot of choices;
  • cool sketch transformations;
  • a simple interface.
  • the watermark visible on the final result in the free version;
  • maybe too many settings if you like simplicity.

Applications to transform photos into Drawings apps: the recap.’

Your turn now! You have something to have fun with these five applications to transform photos into Drawings apps. To summarize, here are the ones that I have retained:

  • Graphite Sketchbook;
  • Insta Toon;
  • Photo Lab;
  • My Sketch Sketch;
  • Paint.

There are certainly others perfect! You can go to your phone’s store and search for other apps tech. However, in the free version. Many are inundated with ads and impose a large watermark right in the middle of the image. It quickly becomes excruciating.

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