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4 Tips to Maintain High-End Floor Tiles

You probably have recently bought floor tiles and are afraid of scratching and damaging them. Maybe you have rowdy kids that spill their drinks everywhere and you wanna know how to maintain these expensive tiles you’ve gotten the past week. Or perhaps you’re about to open your business and it’s something that involves lots of people coming in and out – like a clothing shop or a restaurant – and you want to maintain your high-end floor tiles as much as possible. Whether you fall in any of these categories, or you’re just simply curious about the four tips this article is about to share, then read on! 


Regularly cleaning them is the first, isn’t it?

Yup! But not just with your usual soap and water. Cleaning floor tiles depends on their material – porcelain and ceramic tiles, for example, are incredibly durable and can withstand lots of spills and stains. However, it also depends on which substance is the culprit, in which case you’d need further research on which cleaning material will be the most appropriate for it.

The first tip is to research. Note what type of tiles you have, if it’s porcelain, glass, cement, etc. Marble, for one, is quite costly and requires careful maintenance. As much as possible, don’t use it in high-traffic areas. But if you do, you’d need to use sealants, as it’s prone to scratches and stains.


What’s next after cleaning?

The next tip is to clean tile grout. You can create your DIY paste, rub it on the grout, let it sit until the next morning, then rinse. Grout should not be overlooked for it absorbs grease and other stains. Which will only make your job harder once it turns into a huge ball of mess in the future.


I got it. What else?

The last two tips are to use doormats and clean up spills as soon as possible. The first one is required especially if you use expensive tiles in high-traffic areas, in which lots of people will be stepping in and out. Instead of regularly cleaning these tiles, you might want to consider adding rugs in their entrances that will absorb the mud and dirt from the outside. However, this is only a precaution, for stains will always be unavoidable. In which case, you need to be quick in cleaning them so they won’t build up and become more difficult to clean later.


Key Takeaway

High-end tiles require lots of care and maintenance. The four tips this article has mentioned only scratches the surface. For there are lots of nuances involved in this choice too, like which material your tile is made out of and in which areas you have decided to install them. Either way, do your research, and don’t forget to clean up!


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