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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Video in Recruitment

If you target top young talent to be part of your company, you need to upgrade your recruitment process using videos. Despite its attractive visuals, the video content gets 20 more shares on LinkedIn than other content types. 

Interestingly, job postings with video receive a 34% better application rate than those that rely on text or image. It implies that a recruitment video is a new holy grail to invite top candidates to your organization.

This checklist is a handy one – add or remove pointers from here as needed:

  • An introduction to your business
  • Business principles you stand for
  • A day in the life of your employees
  • Employee testimonials/interview
  • Your company culture
  • Your value proposition

Integrating recruitment videos into your recruitment campaign can help your business to impress the candidates’ attention in a matter of seconds, present your employer brand in a captivating way, and increase your application rate.

The main goal? None other than to reach more potential candidates that will grow your business.

Now you might be wondering, “why and how does it work?”

Here are four reasons why you should start utilizing video as part of your recruitment strategy right now.

#1. Help you to connect with more potential candidates.

People like viewing videos as well as sharing them with others.  It is not just idle talk because, according to a report, 76% of internet users share a video that they view with their friends.   

People will help you distribute your job postings if you have an engaging video with valuable information. 

#2. Attract more applicants.

A recruiting video’s high engagement rate isn’t the only advantage it may provide. Because it shows a realistic depiction of your organization and daily life, video has the capacity to persuade individuals to apply to your firm.

It would attract your niche and improve your brand’s image also.

#3 Enhance your ranking in the search results.

Push your job posting to the top of search results by using a video to effectively drive a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engine results. Google will love your video if you add popular yet relevant keywords to the title, tag, and description. 

#4 Save your time and money.

Making a recruitment video is a worthy investment. Approximately 72% of managers believed that using a video can effectively reduce their hiring budget. It also saves time because the job posting can be widely spread among potential people in a short period.

Here are example of recruitment videos that you can copy:

After learning some of the information presented above, there is no better time than now to include video into your recruitment strategy.

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