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Computers and Technology

4 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Mobile VoIP Today

You may have some questions if your business is considering switching to mobile VoIP. The good news is that most VoIP solutions are easy to install and use, especially if your business has a robust internet connection.

Software-based mobile VoIP options work on your smartphone or tablet and don’t require a separate device or data plan. It is the ideal option for business leaders and employees who are on the go.


Some things in a business are easy to upgrade, such as computers and furniture. However, the phone system often looks like a big hurdle to cross. That’s why VoIP is a great solution for companies that are looking to scale up and save money at the same time.

With mobile VoIP, businesses can eliminate costs associated with POTS lines, PBX hardware, and per-minute charges for long-distance or international calls. Instead, VoIP calls are transmitted over the Internet, which slashes phone bills and enables low or even free calling across the globe.

Mobile VoIP is also cost-effective because it works on devices employees own, such as cell phones. It can be used in the office, from home, or in public areas with WiFi, such as restaurants and airports. It reduces expenses and allows workers to work from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, they don’t need to be tied down by a traditional landline and can use their cellular data plan.


Suppose you’re an entrepreneur trying to juggle personal calls and client issues on your cell phone or a small business needing a more streamlined customer service and sales solution. In that case, mobile VoIP offers the convenience of a second device dedicated exclusively to work. It helps employees separate their personal life from work and improves collaboration.

When using a mobile VoIP system, your voice data is converted into digital signals and transmitted over the Internet via WiFi or 3G/4G networks on your cell phone. It does away with the requirement to buy extra gear or get a different phone number for your mobile devices. Additionally, a VoIP mobile app can be used with any existing smartphone.

Another advantage of mobile VoIP is that it does not use your mobile data or call plan minutes. It saves you money on costly overage charges. Using a VoIP mobile application, you can call anyone, anywhere, with an Internet connection.

Easy to Set Up

Whether you are starting a new business or integrating VoIP into your existing office phone system, you can easily set up a mobile solution with the help of a reputable VoIP provider. You only need a compatible mobile device with the right app and an internet connection that supports VoIP (ideally, gigabit speeds).

When using a mobile VoIP phone to make a call, audio is transformed into digital packets sent over the Internet and unpacked at the recipient’s end. Essentially, the person on the other end hears your voice as it would have been heard over conventional phones.

Some VoIP providers offer mobile devices that connect to your company’s PBX, while others allow you to use your smartphones. This option is more flexible and cost-effective as it eliminates the need to buy additional hardware or phones. Choose a vendor that offers a range of affordable plans and introductory pricing. The best mobile VoIP companies will also integrate their apps with project management, communications, and other business tools to streamline your workflows.


Mobile VoIP turns your phone into a business line that can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. It is ideal for businesses with employees who travel or work flexible hours.

A VoIP system is also scalable, which means you can add lines as needed without the cost of installing extra hardware or paying for additional cellular data plans. This feature is handy during seasonal call volume or when adding new locations to your company.

Because your VoIP calls are digitized and sent as packets over the Internet, they can be recorded on any phone or computer with a free VoIP app. This feature allows you to review essential conversations or provide coaching to representatives who are struggling with their performance.

Some potential drawbacks of mobile VoIP include the inability to track an employee’s location because they can make or receive calls from home, public areas, or even commercial hotspots (coffee shops, airports, etc.). It can be a problem for some businesses that need to meet compliance regulations such as HIPAA.

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