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20 Things to Consider When Choosing a Middle Name for Your Baby


Naming a baby is, let’s face the truth, fun. However, most of the brainstorming and research into naming a baby focuses on its first name. While middle names are essential, they can be more challenging to choose. Before you make your final choice, here are some things to remember.

What does your middle name signify? You can do some research on names to find meanings that you might be interested in.

Family Connection

Are there any recurring names in your family? Are there any unique last names that could work well as middle names?  Middle names may break some baby-naming rules, so don’t worry if you sound too old-fashioned.

Family Tradition

Is there a middle name that is designated for all the firstborn children in your household? Perhaps your family has a tradition of giving unique middle names to children born on certain days or in winter. Maybe you are drawn to a more traditional name, but it would be a great middle name for your child.

Honoring someone

When choosing middle names, make a list of friends, family, mentors, and other people you would like to honor. The connection your child has with someone special will be a joy for them. This tribute will move the honoree.


Before you make your final decision, be sure to write down the initials. Make sure you like the way the letters fit together. Avoid making fun of your initials. Think of three-letter swear words, bodily functions, and other such phrases.


When you speak your full name, make sure it flows naturally. While middle names are the best place for difficult-to-spell names, make sure you like how everything sounds together when you say it. I Will repeat it a lot at the beginning.

Is it available?

Although sharing middle names with other friends or family children is more manageable than sharing first names, it can still be tricky. It is always better to choose names that aren’t already claimed by your circle.


It is easier to spell middle names in a non-traditional way than they are for first names. Still, it would help if you thought about the reasons for changing how your middle name is spelled. If you are happy with your answer, then go ahead.

It will fit with the first name.

They will be able to match their first names with well-chosen middle names. Both names sound good together and have a particular flow. Although not an absolute rule, it is worth considering (or reconsidering) the middle and first names that rhyme. Begin with the same letter, have three or more words each, or, when combined, sound either obnoxious, comical, or offensive. Think Amanda Love and Ben Dover.

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It will fit with the last name.

Also, ensure that the middle and last names flow well together without misinterpretations or secondary meanings. Double-check the fit of last names with middle names depending on their meanings.

Better than a First Name

Do you secretly want the middle name you are considering as a first? Wouldn’t honoring others make the proposed middle name work better as a name for a first if you take everything together?

The Birth Story

You can choose to keep middle names traditional or let your parents be more creative and add in unique elements specific to your child’s life. Valentine for Valentine’s Day-born child? Perry to the man who introduced you to your partner? Paris, in honor of the place where your child was born? (You can tell them later.)


You can have fun with middle names if your partner prefers traditional first names. You can choose something as unique as your child. Names can look like mullets: business at the front, party at the back.

Balance out the First

A middle name is a good choice if you go for something a little different from your first name. In the professional world, Supernova Emily Starr is now S. Emily Starr.

Do You Need More Than One?

There is no rule that you can have only one middle name. You can honor two mothers-in-law if you want. You can also request that the middle names of your children be different from their mothers’ last names. It’s better to leave out hyphens for future forms and databases.

Are Middle Names Necessary?

A middle name is not necessary for children. It’s okay if middle names don’t fit your culture or if your child doesn’t want one.

Take a name fight

You can designate one middle name if you and your partner are arguing about favorite first names. You can also play around with the order to see which one has the best flow.

Let your child decide.

Let your child choose their middle name. Let your child choose their middle name. Be crazy cool!

Honor Your Culture

No matter whether your family is in it, middle names can be a wonderful place to honor your family’s culture. Consider naming conventions and trends that are prevalent in your culture or your parents’ culture. It is a beautiful gift to give the next generation a connection with their heritage.

Twins with matching names

It’s not a common trend to have twins with matching or rhyming name combinations. Middle names can be a wonderful place to celebrate your twins’ twinness. Chloe, Madeline, Adeline, Aiden, Cayden, Daniel, and Nathaniel.

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