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12 Affordable Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas at Home

If you have taken the responsibility of arranging a bridal shower, then you might know that organizing such events is not as easy as they seem. You are very close to the bride, and you want to make her bridal shower memorable. The decoration is an essential part of any event such as this one. In this article, you will get to know about 12 affordable bridal shower decoration ideas that will blow your mind.

Inexpensive Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas and Themes

Balloons Never Get Old

Balloon decoration is the best option for you if you are looking for cheap bridal shower decorations. Balloons are not at all expensive; all you need is a low-temperature glue gun, a helium pump, and some friends to help you out.

There are many types of decorations that you can do with balloons. You can create a balloon arc; it will take up a lot of visual space and look good in photographs. You can choose a few colors that go well with each other, or you can also select the bride’s favorite color!

Candles Can Never Go Wrong

Candles add to the beauty of any place and enhance the ambiance. All you have to do is head to the nearest dollar store and get some cheap candles—lay these candles on the table. If you are planning a bridal shower in a venue, give them a call; they might have candles on hand that you can use.

Don’t Forget the Photo Booth

Does the bride love to take pictures? If yes, then don’t forget the photo booth! Photo booths are not very expensive, and you can easily DIY them. All you have to do is get some metallic foil and then crumble them to create a photo wall. You can even make fun props or get them from the local party store to complete the photo booth. This is one of the most affordable bridal shower decoration ideas.

Streamers Are Not Just for Kids!

Yes, streamers are not just for kids! There are so many ways in which you can use streamers to decorate. However, the best way is to hang them across the ceiling. This will elevate the look of the space without making it look like a kid’s party.

Add a Rustic Ladder

You can use an old ladder as a decoration piece in the bridal shower. Hands down, it is one of the most inexpensive bridal shower decorations. All you have to do is find an old ladder in your storeroom and paint it using spray paint. Then you can decorate it with literally anything that you have. You can use flowers and photographs or a handmade banner that says ‘bride to be.’

Create a bar area for the bride

You can use anything you can find, an old table, a desk, a banquette table, or a bar cart. Add different types of liquor with some fun and pretty garnishes and mixers. You can even place a few juices if you plan to host a bridal brunch.

Personalized Banners are the Best

One of the most creative, affordable bridal shower decoration ideas is custom banners. Custom banners give room for personalization and are perfect for occasions such as a bridal shower. Head to the local craft store and grab some pennants, stick-on letters, and twine. You can even grab some card stock if you want to make custom shapes. Now add letters to every flag. With custom banners, you can get pretty creative with the message you want to display.

Add Flowers

You can never go wrong with floral decorations. You can easily get bridal bouquets online or locally. Floral decorations give a very refreshing look, they are perfect especially if you are hosting a bridal brunch. Besides, floral decorations look very good in pictures and are affordable bridal shower decoration ideas.

Be Creative with the Beverages

You must have seen those aesthetic and colorful beverages in beautiful jars on Instagram. Guess what you can easily create them without spending much. All you need to do is wash off the old jam jars and add a twine bow to the neck of the jar. Complete the look by adding colorful paper straws. Add your favorite colorful drink to the jar. That’s it!

Add Some Colors with Macaroons

Add some colors to the decoration with tasty and beautiful macaroons. They are not only good to look at but are also very tasty. You can easily find them in the local bakery.

Create a Simple Centerpiece

You can create a beautiful centerpiece on your own. All you need are a few flowers. You can easily find wholesale roses online at affordable prices. You can use these roses to create a simple centerpiece.

Add a Photo Display

Another great and affordable bridal shower decoration idea is to add a photo display. You can create a small photo display with photos of the bride, her family, and friends. It will make the bridal shower truly memorable.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the best and most affordable bridal shower decoration ideas. These bridal decorations will not burn a hole in your pocket and make the bridal shower nostalgic and memorable for not just the bride but everyone else.

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