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11 Cool Sunglasses for Travellers

Sunglasses are a staple everyday accessory for many of us. But if you are an avid and frequent traveller, they are more than essential to ensure safe and stylish trips. The right pair of sunnies saves you from weather and dirt and enhances your elegant appearance on your travels. If you are looking for the best pair of sunglasses to accompany you on your next tour, we have compiled a list of cold sunglasses for travellers.

However, if you want to see the world through your favourite sunnies, you want them to stand the test of every environment, from the scorching heat of deserts to the freezing breeze of mountains. Cool sunglasses for travel have specific qualities that keep you safe and relaxed on your vacations.

Things to consider while purchasing sunglasses for travel

Here are some points to ponder before buying sunglasses for travel.

  • They should be lightweight and comfortable
  • They should be decently priced
  • They should be scratch-resistant
  • Their lenses should be polarised and offer UV protection
  • They should be sturdy and made of high-quality material

These are some essential things that help you make the best decision in choosing the best pair of eyewear for your trips. Now, let us guide you to these 11 cool sunglasses you can add to your travel-essential accessories.

11 best sunglasses perfect for travellers

Ray-Ban Aviators

Ray-Ban Aviators

The list starts with this classic eyewear for a reason. Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses are loved by everyone from pilots to engineers and occasional wearers to everyday stylers. Aviator’s large teardrop lens shape makes a great travel accessory. It saves your eyes from high wind and dirt particles. Moreover, these glasses also come in a polarised variant that protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and glare that cause eye strain and extreme discomfort. 

Givenchy Pentagon SunglassesGivenchy Pentagon Sunglasses

This Givenchy’s pentagon sunglasses have many qualities that make them the best eyewear for travelling. Givenchy sunglasses are globally adored eyewear, and this eccentric style from the brand is sure to give you an all-modish look. The black lens it comes with can eliminate the maximum amount of glare, offering you a neutral and comfortable viewing experience. Moreover, it has a pitch black frame, a neutral colour that goes with every outfit and colour, enhancing your appearance.

Cazal Square Sunnies

Cazal Square Sunnies

These Cazal sunglasses have a seamless black golden frame that suits your travel styling. Whether you’re soaking at the beach, trekking up the mountain, or just exploring the nightlife of an exciting city, this pair is your best fashion partner. The square front side cut out from black acetate has a seamless matte surface. And the nose bridge in a dual metal strip style gives a brilliantly eccentric look. 

Versace Slim-Rim Sunnies

Versace Slim-Rim SunniesVersace’s never-failing eyewear collection is both chic and convenient for travellers who like hopping from destination to destination. In these sunnies, the brand has made the slimmest rim possible, allowing you to have a broad and unrestricted view of your surroundings. In addition, the purple-tinted lens has a slight gradient that adds another layer of modishness. On top of that, slightly larger than conventional metal arms attached to the lens with a Versace sunglasses logo speaks for the brand.

Balenciaga Wayfarers

Balenciaga WayfarersBalenciaga is one of the major fashion houses with some stylish eyewear selections in the market. These chic Balenciaga sunglasses from its collection is unmatchable. At first, glance, what looks like a simple and sober wayfarer gives a glimpse of the brand’s brilliant design sense and craftsmanship. Its inverted handles are a real show stealer. The dark lens is made of high-quality glass and effectively shields your eyes against the high sun and heavy wind.

Alexander Mcqueen Green Lens Glasses

Alexander Mcqueen Green Lens GlassesHere is something eccentric yet highly stylish for your travel accessory to break from typical black frame styles. These sunglasses from Alexander Mcqueen look exceptional on both men and women. The green lens and frame make outstanding eyewear for safari park trips or jungle adventures. As bulkier frames are on trend currently, this would be your perfect fashion partner to jam on the vibes of mountaineering and greenery.

Boucheron Metal Frame Sunglasses

This sophisticated pair of Boucheron sunglasses have an exquisite metal frame and a fine ensemble. The frame is made of premium metal materials and plated with a golden coating with a nice shiny finish. The large lens size allows you a broader view of places, while graduated blue offers a style and comfortable seeing experience, reducing the eye strain. But the little black stone ornamentation gives these sunglasses an extraordinary look. 

Brioni Rimless Sunglasses

Brioni Rimless Sunglasses

Rimless sunglasses are on trend right now. This elegant piece from Brioni comes with a green rimless lens cut out from a single glass. These Brioni sunglasses are the perfect choice for vacationing and leisure travelling. Unlike conventional frames with a golden tint, the sleek metal frame comes with a greyish silver tone. Despite their metal build, the sunnies are reasonably lightweight and provide a pleasing wearing experience with comfort.

Prada Square Sunglasses

Prada Square Sunglasses

Prada is one of the leading luxury fashion wear brands out there. These sunglasses from the brand imparts Prada’s brilliant design sense and craftsmanship. The pitch black frame with a black lens gives a monochromatic look that goes with every outfit you wear on your trip. In addition, these Prada sunglasses also saves your eyes from straining by eliminating most of the light coming from shinier surfaces and large water bodies. And this makes these sunnies an ideal choice for beach trips.

Bottega Veneta Black Rim SunglassesBottega Veneta Black Rim Sunglasses

Bottega Veneta sunglasses block most of the light glare, and the sun’s harmful UV rays impact your eyes and vision. This is one of the most essential qualities to look for in eyewear for travelling. If you visit many beaches, these sunnies are your best friend. The design is quite minimalistic, with no ornamentation apart from the brand’s distinctive dual-line design on arms, giving a subtle, sophisticated hint to your appearance.

Puma Bulkier Double-Bridge Sunglasses

Puma Bulkier Double-Bridge Sunglasses

What could be more perfect than wearing a sports brand on adventurous trips? An ideal pair to boost your look with your adrenaline rush. These puma sunglasses have a brilliant design that perfectly sits on your face and gives you a full-scale viewing experience with its large lens. The double-bridge style registers its attendance for the current trend. The iconic puma logo sits on the left side of the left lens while the puma brand name resides on the arms.

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