10 Benefits of Choosing SPC Flooring

10 Benefits of SPC Flooring

It’s a common misconception that SPC flooring is only for industrial, commercial, or business use. In fact, so many people enjoy the benefits of this versatile material that it has become the #1 choice of material for homes looking to upgrade their flooring. Here are 10 Benefits of SPC Flooring you might not have known about:

1. It’s waterproof

One of the main reasons people want hardwood flooring in their home is because it adds luxury and style. But hardwoods are also very easy to scratch and damage if spills happen or pets get into the act. With SPC Floors though, you can still keep all your pets (and kids!). But still, enjoy having beautiful floors with no risk of scratching them up.

2. Easy To Maintain

It’s simple to maintain Properly installed SPC Flooring is nonporous. This means that liquids can’t penetrate into the actual wood itself. As a result, it stays cleaner for much longer and requires minimum upkeep. In fact, many people with SPC flooring don’t even use rugs in their homes! We recommend using area rugs in front of your closets or other high-traffic areas for safety purposes. But you won’t have to worry about liquids getting on your floors and ruining them as you do with traditional hardwood surfaces.

3. Life Time Warranty

It has a lifetime warranty This one goes without saying because all our products come with a lifetime warranty against virtually anything that could wrong. From cracks to warping to surface scratches. We can’t cover anything that could be considered ‘abuse’ of the flooring though, so make sure you take care of it!

4. Elegance Look

Its beautiful SPC Flooring is available in nearly any finish you wish. Whether it’s a rustic golden oak or an elegant dark walnut, you won’t have any trouble picking out your favorite design with our variety. The color is applied directly to the wood itself during production. Ensuring that they are not only incredibly vibrant but also permanent. This means you don’t have to worry about peeling, chipping, or fading like other hardwoods.

5. No Gap Fillers

It has no gap fillers Our SPC floors come in planks 5 1/8” tall. This is the industry standard for hardwood flooring and means that you get a very seamless installation (no gap fillers needed).

6. Durable

Its durable SPC floors are about 20% harder than traditional hardwoods, which makes them significantly more durable. They’re also 8x stronger than ceramic tiles and 3x stronger than laminate!

7. Easy To Install

It’s easy to install No need to hire a professional. SPC Floors can be installed by anyone with basic DIY know-how in just one day! Check out our how-to guides on our blog or watch some of our helpful videos on YouTube for some great tips.

8. No Expansion Gap

It has no expansion gaps Thicker planks mean fewer expansion gaps. Meaning your floor won’t creak or feel uneven over time. This also means the planks are watertight, so there’s no risk of damage due to spills or moisture!

9. Luxury DIY Finishes

It has patented factory finishes SPC floors come pre-finished with patented factory finishes that cannot be matched by any DIY finish. These durable and low-maintenance coatings allow you to install your flooring right out of the box without having to apply any additional coats when it arrives at your door!

10. Installed Anywhere

You can install it anywhere SPC Floors is not limited to just residential homes, thanks to our proprietary Safe Edge® technology. You can safely install our products in commercial areas where traditionally only tile was allowed (like hospitals, schools, and public spaces). And thanks to our 100% waterproof design, you won’t have to worry about water damage or warping!

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