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10 Awesome Tourist Spots in America

10 Awesome Tourist Spots in America – There is no better way to practice your English than during a trip to an English-speaking country. So why not go to the United States? It has great tourist potential and it is a beautiful country! Did you know that it is the second most visited country in the world after France? It has huge and exemplary cities, full of impressive skyscrapers, extraordinary national parks, beaches and enchanting islands. To cheer you up, we give you the Top # 10 Most Impressive Tourist Places in America. They are places that you should not miss after the pandemic. Intricately designed, these tourist spots reflect the aesthetic architecture and no less than a treasure to explore. Make United airlines book a flight now and test your endurance while savoring the majestic views.

A leisurely trip to the United States can be one of the best experiences of your life. If you plan to travel to the United States, do not miss the most visited and recommended tourist attractions. The following 10 attractions are listed in order of travel advice, and therefore in no particular order of preference. Prepare the suitcases as we are going on a trip!

Here are 10 Awesome Tourist Spots in America You Must Visit:

1. Golden Gate – San Francisco (state of California)

Golden Gate - San Francisco (State of California)

The area of ​​the famous Golden Bridge , Golden Gate and Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco (California) is one of the must-see attractions in the United States. In addition to the inescapable iconic bridge of San Francisco, it is necessary to visit its surroundings which are fascinating: the Conservatory of Flowers with its great variety of wild flowers, the Buffalo Paddock , reserve to see the native bison. Enjoy a lunch or dinner of seafood, fish and shellfish in one of the many restaurants that you find there.

On July 4 of each year you can see here one of the best fireworks shows in the country to celebrate the anniversary of independence.

Do not forget to visit the Golden Bridge, let yourself be surprised by its vibrant orange color, one of the greatest engineering works of its time!

2. Hollywood Boulevard – Los Angeles (state of California)

Traveling to Los Angeles is synonymous with visiting Hollywood with its well-known film industry. The Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles is the walk of fame where the stars of the famous’ll find on the ground. Here you can take a photo with the star of the Hollywood person you love the most. It will be a very dear memory of your trip to the United States. Hollywood Boulevard is also home to the most famous theaters, for example the Kodak Theater where the Oscars ceremony is held. There is also the famous Hard Rock Café in Los Angeles and the best nightclubs in the city.

But the area has so much more to offer! Don’t forget to head to Venice Beach , where the epic movie Baywatch was filmed . The beach has a promenade of several kilometers where you can see the most eccentric people in the country.

To know the various corners and curious places of Hollywood in Los Angeles!

3. Las Vegas Strip – Las Vegas (Nevada state)

Las Vegas is synonymous with luxury hotels, quirky casinos, impressive theaters, prestigious restaurants, grand shopping malls, and unforgettable visuals. On the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada are 15 of the largest hotels and casinos in the world. There is a hotel in the shape of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, one in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid and another in the shape of a large circus tent.

The tourism sector in Las Vegas is geared towards the leisure and entertainment sector. The bright city is continually reinventing itself to attract tourists from all over the world. It is impossible to get bored in this city. Going to Las Vegas is a trip will be a unique experience! In addition, there are several natural beauties around the corner such as Valle del Fuego park.

Finally, you know: what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas. Enjoy the city where everything is possible!

4. Grand Canyon – Colorado (Arizona state)

The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the oldest parks in the country, located in the state of Arizona and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Grand Canyon is a gorge of the Colorado River that is about 2 billion years old. Much of it is desert, but you will also find incredible fauna and flora in the park. The park is ideal for practicing many adventure sports and activities such as rafting, helicopter flights and riding a quad bike .

It is recommended to enter from the south side, on State Highway 64. The headquarters are located in Grand Canyon Village which is near the south entrance.

The Grand Canyon is much more than just a rock formation, in a unique ecosystem, full of life and adventure waiting for you!

5. Times Square – New York City (estado de New York)

New York City has an impressive population of more than 19 million. And if we add the number of tourists visiting Times Square , your jaw will drop. More than 40 million tourists visit this world icon every year!

The Times Square is an intersection in Manhattan located on the corner of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and Avenue is wonderful, full of neon lights and flashy billboards. There are countless shopping centers nearby, as well as museums and restaurants. In addition, Times Square is the center of Broadway theaters. As night falls, the lights illuminate everything.

It is impossible to travel to the United States without visiting the symbol of the cosmopolitan city of New York at least once!

6. Central Park – New York City (state of New York)

As New York is the largest and most famous city in the US, it clearly has different places that you cannot miss. The Central Park or Central Park has 843 acres or 3.41 km². This means that the park is the spectacular size of approximately 600 soccer fields, right in the center of the city.

The Central Park is ideal for rest, a bike tour or a hike nice. The park has a wide variety of trees, lakes, bridges, sculptures, and open spaces. It is also possible to enjoy thousands of activities here. A popular activity is a visit to your zoo.

New York’s Central Park is one more attraction in the city. And while you’re in New York, don’t forget to visit the Statue of Liberty, of course!

7. Niagara Falls – New York (New York State)

The Falls Niagara are a group of waterfalls located on the Niagara River with a fall of about 64 meters. Although they do not have a great height, they are very spacious and spectacular. The name ” Niagara ” comes from an Iroquois word that means ” thunder of water ”. The falls are on the border between the US and Canada.

Many tourists from all over the world visit the falls during the summer. If the visits in the winter there will not be many tourists; what if there will be snow. The good thing is that in winter they will charge you entrance. The falls always blow your mind, during the summer and winter. The surroundings of the falls are integrated into a national park to fully enjoy the beautiful nature of the area. You can also visit the Discovery Center , an interactive exhibition to learn about the natural, geological and historical aspects of the area, take a boat trip and visit the aquarium where you can see an approximate of 1500 animals.

There are hundreds of thousands of waterfalls in the world, but no one can deny that the most famous on the planet are Niagara Falls!

8. Union Station – Washington D.C. (distrito federal de Columbia)

Washington DC, the capital of the United States, has different very interesting places to visit. The traditional terminal, Union Station , is the most important metropolitan station in the country, receiving approximately 40 million visitors each year. The railway station was founded more than 100 years ago, in 1907.

Union Station is a piece of history with impressive Beaux-Arts architecture and enormous cultural value. The station is a maze of specialty boutiques, food courts, elegant restaurants, Greek arches, and gilded ceilings. Be dazzled by this magical place and soak up the local culture.

While you are in the capital, do not forget to visit these attractions: The White House, the Obelisk of the Washington Monument, the Capitol, the Museum of Natural History etc.

9. Magic Kingdom – Orlando (Florida state)

America is synonymous with Disney ! All the children and adults of the world have seen the most famous Disney movies like 101 Dalmatians, Aladdin, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Jungle Book, etc. You can relive your best childhood memories at legendary Disney theme parks!

Magic Kingdom in Orlando (Florida) and Disneyland in California are the two most famous Disney parks visited by US residents and international tourists. World Disney Resort in Orlando is much more than just an amusement park: it has hotels, restaurants, shops, magical shows and much more.

Feel like a child again and dream with your eyes open. It’s never too late to go visit a Disney park… What are you waiting for?

10. Ocean Drive – Miami (Florida state)

Ocean Drive is the most characteristic avenue in Miami and its center of nightlife. The street is full of people at any time of the day. Here you can see Art Deco architecture , luxury cars, famous restaurants like Mango’s Tropical Café , impressive hotels like La Casa de Versace , the Colony Hotel and much more.

Do not forget to enjoy the most expensive cocktails, but also the richest and largest. And of course you have to visit the beach directly in front of Ocean driver, South Beach: miles of white sand, beach bars and beautiful lifeguard houses.

Explore Ocean Drive , get to know the true spirit of Miami and feel like you are in an authentic Hollywood movie!

Our list ends here ¨10 Impressive Tourist Places in the United States¨. To travel to the United States is to find a whole world of hidden gems to explore. Nothing can beat the panoramic views that you will see in this country. You will experience a new way of life! You will become a more conscious person in the world. In addition, you will realize more than ever the importance of learning English for your personal development. America is waiting for you!

Final Word:

These dangerously-placed destinations are worth exploring and ideal for the adventure fanatics who wish to enjoy the adrenaline rush. Make Volaris airlines book a flight or you can also check Volaris cancellation policy before booking for any of these destinations and relish the divine beauty.

Are you excited?

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