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10 Amazing Medspa Marketing Ideas to Get More Bookings and Increase Sales

Medspa or medical aesthetic practice is one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries. According to the American Medspa Association, technological advancements, younger patients, people’s preference to undergo non-surgical enhancement procedures, and other motivational reasons have pushed the growth of this industry. 

However, this also indicates an increase in competition. So, what’s the best way to combat it? Read this blog if you want to know about medspa marketing strategies that can help you get your share of success amidst this competitive growth.

Top 10 medspa marketing ideas proven to increase bookings and sales.

1. Impress your patients with a dynamic website.

More people are likely to search for a medspa clinic online rather than physically looking for it. Your website is the first and last impression a new customer will have of your medspa business. So make sure it is a good one because it takes only 0.05 seconds for someone to form an opinion about your website

Keep your contact information, address, and email updated on your website so that customers can quickly contact you. 

Besides, hosting a blog on your website is a great way to attract and retain prospective customers for longer, convincing them to visit your medspa clinic and try out your services.

Pro tip: Ensure your medspa website is mobile-friendly because most people access the internet on their mobile devices. 

2. Create your Google My Business account.

Google is the first place customers will look to find your services before they visit your website. 

Having an account on Google My Business will expose your medspa business in the local searches of people looking for services like yours. For instance, if anyone searches for medspas in San Jose, this is what they’ll see.

Google My Business works as an online directory, making it easier for customers to find your medspa business without a lengthy search. 

3. Make your bookings quick and easy for customers.

The truth is, people can get frustrated easily. You don’t want to add to their frustration by making your booking process complicated.

The key lies in making it possible for customers to book your services from wherever they find you. Have a booking feature on your website, Google Business link, and social media bio.

4. Promote your medspa using social media.

More than 233 million social media users are active in the US, which means your spa has no excuse but to be on social media. Medspa social media marketing is all about social selling, which entails businesses using social media to find and engage with new customers.

Social selling includes using social media content that adds value and credibility by answering people’s questions, responding to their comments and messages, and sharing content throughout their purchasing process.

Social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube can help you reach more prospective customers and get them to book your services much faster than any other marketing medium.

5. Offer holiday discounts and special offers.

People are more likely to spend during the wedding season, holiday season, festivals, and other special days. Target such occasions by offering discounts on your services and promoting them across your website, social media, and other marketing channels.

6. Host contests and giveaways.

Probably, the best way to boost bookings for your medspa is by running contests and hosting giveaways. 

Helpful points to consider when running giveaways or contests online.

    • Set goals for your giveaways, such as getting more bookings, social media followers, creating more brand awareness, or directing traffic to your website.
    • Make sure to choose the prize that aligns with the goal of your contests. A medspa hosting a giveaway with a bike for a prize, for example, will fail to get the attention of the right set of online audiences.
    • Share guidelines and clear instructions for participants to avoid any misunderstandings. 
    • Promote them on your website, social media accounts, in your emails, newsletters, podcasts, through ads, and everywhere possible.

7. Go for collaborations.

One way to get more attention to your medspa is by making other people talk about it. Collaborate with other local brands, artists, influencers, and medical estheticians to get exposure on a larger scale. 

8. Offer free brand merchandise to your customers.

The next time customers leave your clinic after a spa session, hand them a free bag full of skincare samples or essential oils. You can also think of including other brand merchandise items such as eco-friendly bags with your logo on them.

Spa towels, bath salts, scented candles, and self-care tools are some of the popular items that can help attract more customers to your medspa.

9. Use your customer reviews and testimonials.

About 97% of people read reviews of local businesses before taking any further steps. Perhaps this is the reason customer reviews are such an essential part of medspa marketing. 

However, it takes effort to get your customers to write reviews for your business. You need to encourage them to leave reviews on your website, social media, and Google My Business so that your medspa business can benefit from them. 

10. Have a selfie-booth set-up at your spa.

79% of people say that user-generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions. Having a selfie-booth can help you to encourage your customers to take pictures and share them on social media.

Ask them to tag your official social media accounts so that you can reshare that content further. It is the easiest way to convince and attract more customers to book your medspa services.

The takeaway

Don’t be intimidated by an abundance of medspa marketing ideas, but rather implement them one at a time. With persistent marketing efforts, you’ll see a big difference in the number of bookings you get for your medspa. 

A social media marketing tool like Practina can ease your burden if at any stage you need help with managing your social media.

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