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10 Advices for Nearpod join

Nearpod Join is an interactive classroom application that adds polls, collaboration boards, and game-based quizzes to your classes to increase student engagement. Any mobile device or laptop can be used by students to interact and submit responses.

What is the Nearpod Join?

Nearpod is a website and mobile application-based digital platform that enables educators to develop interactive, slide-based learning resources for students to engage with and learn from.

The gamification of information can also be used by Nearpod Join  to make learning more interesting and enjoyable. It is also designed to operate nicely with a number of preexisting technologies, such as Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, and YouTube. Educators may effortlessly import media to create a course using existing resources in a timely manner and with minimal effort.

How do Nearpod codes work?

Nearpod code  is a tool that can be used to enhance the interactivity and dynamism of learning in the classroom.

When a teacher commences a lesson, students can participate on their devices by entering the Nearpod code issued by the teacher.

Due to its hybrid form, Nearpod code is an online application that enables teachers to utilise slide-based instruction both in-class and remotely.

Teachers are able to design a wide variety of interactive learning resources that enable students to engage and learn via their own device or a single screen in the classroom. It is also feasible to include question points along the way and have students participate as you go.

Nearpod is particularly excellent as a tool for formative evaluation, as it may output student efforts in easily analysed graphs and charts to provide a clear snapshot of their development.

Teachers can then control the slides and presentations in real-time, while students view them on their own devices.

There are already numerous free Nearpod code lessons available. Teachers can utilise these essentially as presentation templates.

Teachers are able to personalise the templates by adding photographs, videos, PDF files, and more.

In addition to quizzes, virtual field excursions, and polls, instructors can incorporate other activities into lessons.

Nearpod is compatible with Chromebooks, mobile devices, and every other type of laptop.

What is the duration of the code?

Teachers can issue pupils with a Nearpod code that is valid for one year.

Additionally, instructors can manually change the code’s length.

Is it free to use Nearpod ?

In classrooms with 40 or less pupils, the use of Nearpod Join is free.

Teachers are then given the choice to upgrade to a Gold or Platinum feature.

The gold feature permits up to fifty students per classroom, whereas the platinum feature permits up to seventy-five.

Which Nearpod characteristics are the best?

Nearpod is excellent for interactively enhancing YouTube videos. You may then add assessment questions at various times during the course. Therefore, all students must do is watch and select the correct answer as they watch, ensuring that they pay attention and allowing you to determine their level of understanding or areas that require additional instruction.

Nearpod Join is compatible with VR headsets, allowing students to explore a location as if they were on a field trip, but with no distance restrictions.

The ability to draw directly on slides is an effective approach to allow students the option to interact by adding their own photos, sketching on a map, or annotating a diagram, for instance.

Collaboration boards permit students to provide diverse perspectives that might be valuable in the classroom and remotely. In student-paced mode, students can proceed at their own pace, whereas in teacher-paced mode, you can pause to reflect or elaborate on points made in real time

This is a valuable tool for differentiating instruction because students can be assigned assignments of variable difficulty and pace.

Poll questions and multiple-choice quizzes are also useful components of the assessment tools that teachers employ to gauge student learning.

How do you utilise Nearpod in the classroom?

This can be implemented in the classroom in a variety of ways.

In the library part of the app, there are over 7,000 ready-made lessons.

Lessons may be incorporated into Google slides/presentations.

In addition to many other activities, children can take tests, go on virtual field trips, and respond to open-ended questions.

The software can be used to teach a variety of subjects, including math, science, and English.

Also included in the class plan are social and emotional activities.


-Create a new lesson by clicking on the blue button labelled Create and selecting Lessons. You can either upload existing content or create a new lesson directly within the Nearpod platform.

-To add content, tap Add Slide. Among the most prominent alternatives are:

-Video: Select from Nearpod’s video library, YouTube, or submit your own video. The +Add Activity button can be used to add activities at any time during videos.

Once slides have been prepared, add text, video, photos, or gifs.

Add a link to a website that can be visited during your presentation.

-Nearpod 3D: Include interactive 3D models of locations and individuals for your pupils.

-VR Field Trip: Add virtual locations to your classes to bring them to life. With or without VR Headsets, trips can be observed.

Add an interactive activity by tapping Add Slide and selecting the Activities tab. Choose from the following Activities:

-Time to Climb: Interactive game in which you can either design the questions yourself or use a pre-made template for particular subjects.

Insert a Flipgrid that you have previously created into your presentation.

-Draw It: Instruct students to demonstrate comprehension by drawing their response. You can build a question from scratch or add a template and change it.

-Collaborate Board: An interactive brainstorming tool in which students can post sticky notes including text and photos to a classroom bulletin board.

Enhance your Nearpod membership

When you upgrade Nearpod, you gain access to additional storage, student joins, and course development and delivery options. Individual teachers can purchase a Gold or Platinum licence, or Schools and Districts can acquire site licences to unleash Nearpod’s full educational potential and meet their needs.

This page describes how an individual educator can update their account. Please visit for information regarding School and District pricing choices.

Thank you.

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